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Can Knee Pain Lead To Depression?

By Chandreyee Sen

Depression, a strong emotional feeling can stress out any person. It can occur due to inefficiency in the professional world, personal turmoil, or some health ailments. One such ailment which can damage your lifestyle and lead to depression is knee pain.

Today, 8 out of 10 people are suffering from tremendous knee pain, which can eventually make your life depressing. Studies reveal that a common form of arthritis, i.e., osteoarthritis is a major reason for depression in many individuals.

It has been worse affecting millions of people of different age groups but is particularly seen in people above the age of 50. Research so far states that it is now proven that impaired knee functioning and knee pain are a major reason for depression.

To get an in-depth analysis, 574 people who are in the age group of 65 and above were surveyed. The survey beganduring 2005-2006, but the first few days none of the participants had shown any sign of depression. But as time passed, during 2008, the participants were depressed while answering about their tremendous pain that they undergo every day.

It was seen that almost 14% of the participants were already affected by depression due to knee pain. Out of these, people who were facing difficulty in walking, getting in the car, or couldn't sleep at night due to knee pain, were severely depressed.

In another study conducted in the United States, it is seen that 12% of the women and 11% of men who are above the age group of 60 years are worst suffering from acute knee pain due to osteoarthritis. In one of the journals of American Geriatrics Society, it was published that it is indeed true that knee pain can lead to depression which one should not avoid.

Instead of neglecting knee pain, you must try to find a remedy when the pain is in its moderate or mild stage. But when it's acute, it is best to seek for some medical help from the professionals.

However, let us look at some of the home remedies that can help in treating knee pain at home and reduce your depression.

1) Ginger Extract

Ginger is a common household ingredient which adds a flavour to your delicious meal. But this spice has several medicinal properties and can be used in a variety of methods. While you can readily find the ginger root or ginger tea available at any grocery, a pre-packaged ginger supplement can be found in any medical store as a health drink.

It aids in providing relief from cold and cough, but it can work like a miracle for treating your knee pain. Applying ginger extract on a daily basis twice a day can help in treating arthritis and reduce knee pain.

2) Herbal Ointment

Make cream out of the available herbal products like mastic, cinnamon, sesame oil, and ginger. Apply it on your painful knee, and within some time, you can feel much relief.
The concept of herbal treatment goes back to the ages of Ayurveda and till date it has been effective on our body.

3) Willow Bark

Willow bark is one of the common ingredients which are used by herbalists for treating fever, inflammation, and pain. This extract from the willow tree is known for its several medicinal values and it is seen that people who are suffering from arthritis can get instant relief by using the willow bark.

But before taking it, it is best to consult a medical professional as it can be harmful to people who are allergic to aspirin or consume blood thinners. Avoid giving to children who are below the age of four.

4) Heat And Cold Therapy

One of the most common ways to provide relief from knee pain is by applying a cooling pack or heating pad. While a heating pad aids in preventing stiffening up of the joints, a cold pack can provide relief from pain that is caused as result of an external injury. It will help in reducing inflammation and pain.

5) Exercise

If the knee pain is not severe, then a daily exercise of the knee joints can provide relief from knee pain. This is because when a person who has arthritis reduces his/her movement or keeps the leg stationary, it can aggravate the pain points.

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