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    Am I An Alcoholic? 8 Answers That Reveal You Are

    If you are like most people, your tryst with alcohol most probably started at a party with your friends.

    It was either a beer or something stronger in a tiny shot glass. And before you knew it, you were drinking at almost every party you went to.

    Or perhaps you stopped drinking for a few years because you got bored of it, and then one day found yourself tasting the old poison again. And now you can't seem to pry your fingers off the glass.

    Whatever your story might be, if you just googled "am I an alcoholic", there's a good chance you actually are one. So here are 8 answers that will clear it up for you once and for all.


    1. You Cancel Plans That Do Not Include Alcohol

    If you habitually cancel plans with people if they don't include drinking, you are an alcoholic.

    And if you just said it's because you are an adult and want to enjoy the delights of adulthood, you absolutely are an alcoholic!


    2. You Have Started To Drink More Than You Used To

    If your alcohol tolerance has started to creep up, causing you to reach for more glasses of booze to get the same high, then yes, you are an alcoholic.


    3. You End Up Drinking More Than You Promised You Would

    First of all, if you need to bargain with yourself about how many glasses of alcohol you will drink, it's a clear sign you have a drinking problem.

    And then if you end up breaking your promise every single time, you definitely are an alcoholic!


    4. You Reach For The Bottle As Soon As The Day Ends

    If you need to nurse a glass of alcohol at the end of every day to feel relieved, you positively are an alcoholic.

    Bonus points if you reach for a glass first thing in the morning. (Not that you should be giving yourself any bonus points!)


    5. You Feel Guilty Every Time You Drink

    Casual and infrequent drinkers don't feel guilty about drinking. They enjoy the high and go back to their regular lives the next day. But that's not the case with an alcoholic.

    So if you always feel guilty whenever you reach for some liquor, and end up drinking more to drown out that guilt, you definitely are an alcoholic!


    6. You Hide Your Glass Whenever Someone Busts Into The Room

    Again, we only hide things we are guilty of. So if you habitually drink a peg out of everyone's sight or wait until you are alone before breaking out that bottle, you definitely are an alcoholic.


    7. You Blackout Every Time

    It takes an insane amount of alcohol to blackout your entire memory of the night before (or the day). So if you black out every time you drink, you definitely are an alcoholic.


    8. You Lie About The Number Of Drinks You Have Had

    If you constantly feel the need to lie about the number of drinks you have had whenever someone asks you that question, you definitely are an alcoholic. Why else would you lie, if you weren't guilty about it?

    Plus, the fact that people have started asking you this question is a clear signal that you are drinking way more than is considered normal for anyone.

    So now that you know the truth, what are you going to do about it?

    Just remember: going cold turkey on an addiction is the worst thing you can do. Instead, get help from those who have walked in your shoes and overcome the problem.

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