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9 Ways On How To Prevent Childhood Cancer (International Childhood Cancer Day)

By Chandana Rao

A popular quote goes like this, "Childhood is the most beautiful of all of life's seasons".

Most of us would have had amazing, fun memories of our childhood, where nothing else mattered, except for learning new things and having fun!

No job stress, no relationship troubles, no financial commitments or worries about the future - this is the gist of many people's childhood.

However, in the case of a few unfortunate children, the period of childhood can be plagued by certain dangerous diseases like cancer, which can ruin this phase for them!

When a child is affected by cancer, the symptoms could be so devastating that they may not allow the child to do regular things that the other children do!

They may not have enough strength to play with the other kids or even go to school!

Also, they have to constantly keep going to the hospitals, with the fear of major health consequences looming over their heads!

So, diseases like cancer can steal away a person's childhood, leaving them with memories of just pain and struggle.

So, here's how you can prevent childhood cancer. Have a look.


1. Set Good Examples

One of the main things a parent must do to ensure the health and safety of their child is to set a good example for them, by following healthy habits themselves as parents. Children learn by imitating their parents and by looking up to their parents. So, by following a healthy diet, exercise and a stress-free routine, you can help your child develop these qualities right from a young age, to prevent diseases like cancer!


2. Quit Smoking

As we know, smoking cigarettes is an extremely dangerous habit which can bring in a host of diseases, including cancer, not only in the smoker, but also in people around him/her! Secondary smoking is known to be one of the primary causes of cancer in children whose parents smoke around them constantly! So, quit this habit for yourself and for your family too!


3. Breastfeed Them Longer

Normally, mothers stop breastfeeding a child, when the child is about a year old, right? The fact is that, a number of research studies have opined that breastfeeding a child for up to 2 or 3 years, can have a number of health benefits! Breast milk can increase the immunity of the child against a number of deadly diseases, including cancer! So, breastfeeding your child for a longer time can also help prevent cancer in children.


4. Monitor Their Diet

As we may already know, most children are extremely fussy when it comes to food and refuse to consume anything healthy, as they may not taste good, because they still do not comprehend the benefits of healthy foods. So, as parents, we must monitor their eating habits closely and ensure that they consume enough greens, fruit, vegetable and milk, so that their bodies are strong enough to fight the growth of cancerous cells.


5. Avoid Pollution

Try to keep your child away from pollution as much as possible because pollution is also one of the major causes for cancers like lung cancer and skin cancer in children. If you can help it, try to live at an area where there is less pollution and more greenery and also makes your child wear a mask while commuting outside!


6. Add More Omega-3 In Their Diet

Omega-3 fatty acids are a chain of fatty acids which can benefit our health in a number of ways. Along with benefits like weight loss and metabolism boosting, omega-3 fatty acids can also help prevent the growth and multiplication of cancerous cells in the body. So, add foods like avocados, coconut oil, ghee, etc., to your child's diet, regularly.


7. Keep Them Away From Gadgets

As adults, we have very little choice when it comes to staying off gadgets, as we may require them for work and other important daily activities. However, children mostly use them for entertainment purposes and overuse of gadgets like cell phones, tablets and computers is also known to cause cancer. So, keep them away from these gadgets, unless they are really needed!


8. Avoid Antibiotics

Most children are prone to viral infections and diseases like flu, fungal infections, etc., as their immune system is still developing. When they are affected with such diseases, antibiotics are prescribed. However, consuming antibiotics on a regular basis can also damage the immune system and make it easier for the cancerous cells to grow in the body!


9. Help Them Develop An Exercise Routine

Regular exercise can also help prevent diseases like cancer and even a lot of other diseases in kids. So, by enrolling them to a sports class or any sort of exercise they are interested in, the risk of childhood cancer can be cut down to a significant extent.

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