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9 Tips To Stay Healthy If You Have A Busy Schedule

By Vaishali Parnami

Do you often worry about staying healthy, mismanaged eating habits, or a disorderly sleeping pattern?

Today, healthy habits hardly go hand in hand with a hectic lifestyle. While we are hopping from one task to another, somewhere eating, sleeping, our overall health gets side-lined. We keep pushing our need for staying fit to the back and keep moving forward with work.

And when it comes to a halt and we realize how unhealthy, both mentally and physically, we are, we rush to the doctor. But, did your doctor never tell you to follow a healthy schedule, to make time for exercise, or to stay stress-free, no matter what?

Definitely, he did, but we just don't have time.

We have broadly categorized health into two sections: mental and physical.

Here's how you can stay healthy even after a busy schedule:

Physical Health

Staying physically fit is necessary to keep moving. Many people though busy with work, face various health drawbacks. Health issues such as back pain, heartburn, headache and reduced body stamina hinder our work and make us slow. We may not have the time to pay attention to these issues, but these health problems bother us. Let's see what you can do about it.

1. Eat healthy food: Preparing your own meal every morning may seem like a task, but it is an important one. You can't feed your body unhealthy and oily food with less nutrition value every single day. Some days are fine; however, make it a habit to prepare your own meal every day. Search for some simple-to-make dishes with high nutrient value and then include these in your daily diet. Even if you can just manage to cut salad vegetables in a disorderly fashion, do it. Healthy food doesn't have to be evenly sliced.

2. Skip coffee: Caffeine keeps you awake at night. We may not realize it, as we are too tired to think about this when we go to bed. However, a lot of caffeine is not good for health. If you constantly keep waking up in the middle of the night, then it is time to skip that evening coffee. If you still have to have coffee, then drink a cup only before 5 PM or 6 PM.

3. Start green tea instead: When you skip coffee, you'll need something hot and healthy to replace that. Start green tea instead as it has many health benefits. It can boost your metabolic activities, and it is very simple to make. You just need hot water, a mug and green tea bags.

4. Exercise, run, walk: Obviously, many may not be able to make time for exercising, gyming or running. But, you can become active. Don't ask your neighbour to pass on printer sheets; get up and do it yourself. Take the stairs in place of the elevator, and quit walking sluggishly; try brisk walking even in office. These small changes can make a big difference.

Mental Health

Mental wellness is as essential as physical wellness. This is because how will you efficiently work if you are always under stress? Stress, anxiety and all other negative emotions and feelings make you inefficient and dull.

5. Unwind and relax: Take some time out to unwind and relax. Even if you only get Sundays, drop everything and relax. Take a nice long bath, read a book, play a sport, or just sleep all day long. Just release all the stress you piled on for a week.

6. Talk to a friend: As much as it is important to exercise, it is necessary to spend time with family and friends. These people have the power to calm you in any situation. So organize a get-together, laugh it out and let your mind relax for a day.

7. Write it out: Writing helps because when we write, we let out all the scattered thoughts in our mind on the paper. This helps clear the thoughts; what we want and how we want it. Further, when you have written everything down and answered the questions increasing your stress, you can unwind.

8. Sing and dance: We always underestimate the power of freely singing and dancing wildly. When, in reality, all these things put your mind off the matters constantly bothering you. And it is not just about dancing and singing, do whatever you like. Go partying on a Wednesday night or play football in the evening; do whatever makes you happy.

9. Day off from gadgets: Even people who are in digital marketing take off from gadgets, so why shouldn't you? Many may not like this option, but putting gadgets aside for a day makes you less anxious. The reason behind is very simple; you are not constantly checking emails and office conversations, which automatically reduces stress.

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