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9 Important Tips Women Must Follow To Have A Healthy Vagina

Every human being who desires to have a good life has a responsibility towards themselves to take care of their health.

Good health is the best thing which a person can expect for because without good health, the other fruit of life cannot be enjoyed completely.

A disease or an ailment, however minor, can cause a lot of discomfort in a person's life and come in the way of his/her daily activities.

For instance, when you start to experience a mild pain in your ankle, caused by a small strain on your nerves, you may have to stop your workout routine for a while, or you may not be able to walk well for a while.

So, you can imagine how major diseases with more devastating symptoms can affect a person's life.

Every organ of the body must be given equal importance and care, when it comes to health because diseases can affect any part of the body.

So, the vagina must also be well taken care of if a woman wants to avoid a range of conditions, which affect the vagina such as infections, itching, STDs and even cancer.

So, here are a few tips women can follow to have a healthy vagina.

1. Wash From Front To Back

This is one basic genital hygiene rule, many women forget to follow. When washing or wiping your vagina, after passing stools and urine, you swipe from front to back. If it is done the other way round, the bacteria present in the stools or hair inside the buttocks can get into the urinary tract through the vagina, causing urinary infection or yeast infection.

2. Avoid Douching

Douching is a process in which a few women clean the vagina by using cleansing sprays, fluid and solutions. This method is known to be very harmful because these sprays or female hygiene products contain a number of chemicals which can harm the delicate tissues of the vagina, causing inflammation and infection. Cases of these products ultimately affecting the reproductive organs have also been reported.

3. Avoid Using Soap

We use soap to wash our body and face wash to cleanse our face, however, we must realise that although the vagina is a part of our body, the tissues inside are extremely delicate and using soap to clean the vagina during showers can also harm these tissues and cause an inflammation, which could eventually turn into another health complication!

4. Pee Before And After Sex

If you are a woman who is sexually active and you want to avoid getting urinary tract infections, yeast infections and certain minor sexually transmitted infections, then make it a habit to pass urine before and after the sexual intercourse, as this can help flush out the bacteria, which could have gotten into the vagina during an intercourse.

5. Consume Probiotics

If you want to keep up your vaginal health, then the kind of food you consume also comes into picture. Along with having a healthy, balanced diet, it is also important to add probiotics to your diet. Probiotics like Greek yoghurt and curd can help kill the unhealthy bacteria, which can grow in the vagina, by increasing the growth of the healthy bacteria, which are needed for maintaining the vaginal health.

6. Change Your Underwear Habits

Many women do not realise that wearing panties made from material such as lace, satin, etc., for long hours, can irritate the tissues of the vagina and cause an inflammation, as does wearing thongs for a long time. So, wearing clean, cotton panties and changing them every day can minimise the chances of infections and inflammation. You can also avoid wearing panties, when you are home, so that your vagina gets air circulation, often.

7. Do Not Skin Ob-Gyn Appointments

Even to this day, a lot of women feel embarrassed or shy to go to a gynaecologist to get their vaginas checked or to talk about ailments affecting that region. However, skipping gynaecologist appointments, not having your vagina checked regularly and ignoring infections can only lead to bigger problems!

8. Use Lubricants

Many a times, women suffer from vaginal dryness, which could be caused by a number of reasons such as dehydration, lack of arousal (dryness during intercourse), side effects of certain medications, etc. At such times, it is important to use vaginal lubricants during sexual intercourse because having sex while your vagina is dry can lead to severe inflammation and even infections!

9. Pay Attention To Antibiotics

Antibiotics are medications prescribed to kill strong microbes which cause diseases such as flu, infections, etc., that affect people often. Antibiotics are known to cause vaginal dryness as a common side effect. So, talk to your doctor about the dosage of antibiotics and let them know if you are experiencing dryness, so that the dosage can be altered.

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Story first published: Wednesday, March 21, 2018, 14:30 [IST]
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