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9 Dangerous Habits That Cause Skin Cancer

By Chandana Rao

When it comes to the skin, most of us regard it from a beauty care point of view rather than the health part of it, right?

For example, we take a lot of effort in following a regular skin care routine, to keep the external part of our skin spotless and great looking.

We exfoliate, moisturise, wash our skin with the products best suited for our skin, and we even apply makeup to make it look all the more appealing!

However, many of us do not worry much about the health part of the skin, like how we may worry about the health of certain vital organs like the heart and kidneys, right?

Well, we must realise that the skin is also an organ of the body. In fact, it is the largest organ of the human body.

Just like how the other organs of the body are affected by diseases, even the skin can be affected.

Skin cancer is one of the deadliest types of cancers, which can affect the skin cells and can eventually affect the other internal organs too.

So, here are a few dangerous habits which could increase the risk of skin cancer!


1. Not Using Sunscreen

A number of research studies and surveys have proven that, especially in developing countries such as India, majority of the people do not use sunscreen lotions and creams, on a daily basis. The ultraviolet rays from the sun is one of the main causes for skin cancer and can affect people, in a short span of time when exposed to the sunlight. So, it is recommended that people must use sunscreen lotions, on a daily basis, even when they are indoors for the most part!


2. Poor Diet

If your diet is devoid of healthy, nutritious foods like fruit and vegetables, then your skin cells become weaker and immune to the attack of cancerous cells, which may grow and multiply at an alarming rate. Fruit and vegetables contain a lot of antioxidants and antioxidants are known to prevent a number of cancers, including skin cancer. So, ensure that you consume fruit and vegetables on a daily basis.


3. Consuming Excess Sugar

If you are someone who has a "sweet tooth", or if you love sugary foods like sweets, chocolates, soft drinks, etc., on a regular basis, it could also be one of the root causes for skin cancer, according to a number of research studies. Apart from skin cancer, excess sugar can also cause other health complications like obesity, diabetes, cavities, kidney diseases, etc.


4. Not Protecting Your Skin Outdoors

As we already know, today, there is a very high amount of pollution in the air, especially in countries like India. So, if you do not cover the entire area of your skin, with protective wear like gloves, socks, masks, scarves, etc., the toxins in the pollution can also cause skin cancer. In addition, covering yourself with protective wear while on the go, can also safeguard your skin from the UV rays of the sun.


5. Smoking

Yes, smoking can also be a habit which can cause skin cancer! This fact would surprise many because smoking is usually associated with the development of lung cancer. However, there is enough scientific evidence to prove that the nicotine inhaled while smoking cigarettes can also cause skin cancer, along with a host of other health complications we all know too well!


6. Excess Cellphone Use

This is one habit that majority of the population of the globe follow on a daily basis, regardless of the age and gender! In fact, cellphones have become an integral part of our daily lives. Research studies have shown that keeping your cell phone close to your body for a long time can also cause skin cancer, as the radiofrequency waves emitted from the cellphones can trigger the growth of cancerous cells in the skin.


7. Sitting For Too Long

Yet another surprising habit that could cause skin cancer is sitting down for long hours. This habit is followed by a number of working professionals with desk-bound jobs today. Studies show that sitting down for too long, especially in front of a computer can also increase the chances of being affected by skin cancer, as this habit can reduce the elasticity of your skin, making it prone to the attack of diseases like cancer.


8. Missing Dermatologist Appointments

Just like how most of us go in for a general health check-up once in a while, just to make sure our internal organs are all functional, even though we feel healthy, it is also important to get your skin checked on a regular basis by going to a dermatologist. Skin specialists can detect even minor signs of skin cancer, if any, to help treat or prevent a full-blown condition, in time.


9. Using Excess Makeup

Today, many people are getting into the habit of using makeup on a daily basis, to look and feel good. However, a few studies have shown that, using makeup products on a daily basis can also trigger skin cancer, as a number of toxic chemicals could be used in the preparation of certain brands of makeup products.

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Story first published: Sunday, February 4, 2018, 16:00 [IST]
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