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8 Tips To Train Your Brain Into Avoiding Junk Food!

Lao Tzu, the ancient Chinese philosopher once said that, "Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power".

Many of us can agree on that statement because mastering ourselves or training our minds to do something is not easy at all.

Training our brain to stick to a habit requires will power and a constant effort, and even the strongest willed people may fail many a times, before attaining success.

Our brain is an organ with a number of functions, and it depends on the individual to try to direct these functions into being useful and be at their best.

Now, we know that, following a healthy diet and exercise routine is the best way to remain healthy and keep diseases away.

However, even though we know that above fact well, it can be hard for us to stick to a healthy lifestyle routine because the brain needs to be trained in order to form any habit.

We also know that eating junk food on a regular basis is extremely harmful for the health; however, it may not be so easy to just give up on this bad habit.

So, here are a few tips to train your brain into avoiding junk foods; have a look!

1. Check The Ingredients Label:

When we go shopping for food at a grocery store, we tend to put things into the cart, without reading the ingredients label first, especifically in case of junk food like chips, cookies, etc. So, start reading these labels and understand how much unhealthy fats, salts and sugars these foods have. This habit can make you more aware and thus help you avoid junk food.

2 . Form A New Routine:

A number of research studies have shown that, it takes just about 3 weeks for the brain to form any habit, when done regularly. So, if you make a conscious effort to avoid junk food every day by forming a new routine, your brain will automatically get used to this. For example, if you are used to going out to have unhealthy snacks at 4 PM every day, make an effort to go for a walk instead. After a while, you will get used to this new routine.

3. Swap Junk For Healthy Foods:

Dispose off all the junk food you have at your home or workplace and replace it with healthy snacks, such as dry fruits, nuts, fresh fruits, oats, etc. Every time you start to crave for junk food, start to consume these healthy snacks instead. This will satiate your stomach and your brain will stop the craving impulse.

4. Avoid "Trigger" Foods:

"Trigger" foods are the junk foods which we have the strongest liking towards and may not be able to resist them at all. So, at least initially, until you have managed to train your brain, it is important to avoid being around such food. For example, avoid going to an ice-cream store for a while, if ice-cream is your "trigger food". This habit helps you become more strong willed about junk food.

5. Disgust Yourself :

Yes, as absurd as this tip may seem, it has known to have helped a number of people give up on certain junk foods. By learning more and becoming aware of how certain junk foods are prepared in unhygienic conditions, using old oil, all the toxins present in them, etc., an element of disgust is brought about in your brain, regarding these foods, which could help you give up on them.

6. Chew More:

According to a new research study, experts have opined that chewing on junk food more and eating it slowly will help you consume less of it. Sometimes, it may be hard to give up on junk food in one go, so even if you do fall off the wagon and resort to eating junk once in a while, chewing a lot can at least help you eat less of it, as the brain gets gratified quickly, with more chewing.

7. Cut Back Gradually:

Every person is different, while some could be strong enough to stop a habit immediately, it could take a while for the others. So, make an effort to cut back on junk foods gradually, if you cannot stop it at one go. Cut back on the quantity and the number of times you indulge in these junk foods per week, and eventually, you will get there!

8. Eat Raisins:

Leslie Korn, a popular nutritionist and author says that, consuming just 3-4 raisins every morning or each time you crave for junk food can reduce these cravings to a significant extent. Certain enzymes found in raisins have the ability to keep your appetite stabilized, thus reducing the need to binge on junk foods.

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