8 Early Signs And Symptoms Of Lung Cancer

By Smita Das

Early symptoms for lung disease are subtle due to which most of the lung cancer cases are detected at a more advanced stage, only once it spreads to the vital organs of the body.

However, the few symptoms, which when recognized and detected early, can facilitate on-time treatment and faster recovery in patients.

early signs and symptoms of lung cancer

Detecting the symptoms at an early stage for this otherwise dreaded disease is crucial, as data records that there are chances as high as 90% that a person can be cured when it is detected at an early stage.

Here are some of the early signs and symptoms of lung cancer for immediate diagnosis.


1. Persistent Cough

While common flu might cause cough that only persists for a few days or so, a persistent cough might be indicative of lung cancer.

Such cough symptoms might be observed to have been persisting or getting worse in the case of lung cancer. So, a lingering cough might be enough a reason for you to see a doctor.

Also, coughing blood or an infrequent amount of mucus are suggestive symptoms of lung cancer.


2. Pain In Chest

A painful chest is one of the major symptoms of this disease. Such pain in the chest part is often noticed to be worse with deep breathing, coughing, or even laughing. Pain caused by lung cancer is a lasting one and is one of the noticeable clues, which should not be taken as a casual affair.


3. Shortness Of Breath

Difficulties in breathing can be caused by lung cancer. Shortness or rapidity in breathing or wheezing can be possible symptoms of lung cancer. A whistling sound while breathing also indicates a viable symptom. Also, difficulty in breathing after or while climbing stairs as well as gasping for breath are symptoms that are not advisable to ignore.


4. Undefined Loss Of Weight And Appetite

Sudden shedding of weight without being on a diet plan is one of the early symptoms. Also, loss of appetite is also a symptom that should not go unnoticed. So, if you are shying away from your otherwise favourite platter, it is better to get yourself diagnosed.


5. Fatigue Or Weakness

Overwhelming fatigue or weakness, which is not otherwise a common occurrence is an accountable symptom in detecting lung disease.


6. Bone Pain

Pain in the back or even other areas of the body such as shoulder or abdomen might be associated with lung cancer, which likely has spread to the bones. Though, it might not be an easy distinction between bone pain and muscle pain, such pain is worse at night, during the resting period.


7. Painful Fingertips

Painful fingertips or unusual thickening of the fingertips might be caused by lung cancer. Swollen, warm and reddened fingertips, which are not a result of external injury, might be symptoms of a number of diseases, including lung cancer.

Clubbing or swollen fingers makes it difficult to pick or hold things while doing normal chores. Such symptoms should not be ignored.


8. Headaches

Headaches need not be always ignored by popping pills. Intermittent headache can be a sign that it is not a normal one. If headache forms a part of everyday occurrence, then probably you might need a thorough checkup and it is wiser to do away with the regular pills.

Lung cancer need not be a death-penalty as it is commonly viewed as. Though termed as one of the critical forms of cancer, if one is successful in tracking the early symptoms, the chances and rate of survival are high.

So, if you are experiencing any of these symptoms, then why to delay? The doctor is just a call away!

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