8 Bizarre Reasons That Cause Headache

By Chandana Rao

Headaches You Never Knew!

Headaches - right from the time we were young kids up until now, most of us would have experienced headaches a few times, at least, right?

Well, dealing with a headache can be quite a headache! This condition, although seems minor, can affect your daily activities to a significant extent, disrupting your routine.

Unexpected Causes For Headache

For example, imagine you have an important exam to write the next morning and all of a sudden you are afflicted with a headache from hell!

In such instances, you will be unable to focus on studying and remembering anything, right?
If your headache continues even the next day, you may not even be able to write your exam well.

Similarly, headaches, depending on their intensities, can also disrupt work, parties, plans with friends, trips, etc.

More importantly, persistent headaches can definitely deteriorate a person's health in general.
Headaches which are quite intense and recurrent could indicate the presence of certain dangerous diseases too!

Right from a common flu to brain tumours, headaches can be a symptom of a number of diseases.
Now, there are a few things which could trigger headaches, which we would never be expecting.

So, here is a list of surprising factors which could trigger headaches:

1. Pickled & Aged Foods

If you are a fan of the traditional Indian pickles or picked vegetables such as cucumber, olives, etc., and you like to consume them on a regular basis, then you might want to re-consider, as studies have shown that, a compound known as tyramine is present in picked foods, which can induce headaches. Similarly, aged foods such as cheese and wine can also contain tyramine!

2. Sexual Intercourse

Yes, this one is definitely surprising! Normally, sex is deemed to be a healthy and fun activity, which releases a lot of "happy hormones" in the brain and also burns calories. However, in a few instances, especially in men, sharp headaches are experienced right after ejaculation. This could be an indication of underlying problems such as high blood pressure, which could worsen the condition further.

3. Tight Hairdos

A lot of women and even some men sport hairdos which are pulled back into a tight bun or tight plaits. This may make a person look presentable and prevent lots of hair from falling over your face. However, extremely tight hairstyles can strain the nerves around the head region, when sported for a long time and cause headaches. It can also lead to a receding hairline, prematurely.

4. Jaw Misalignment

Jaw misalignment is a condition in which the upper jaw and the lower jaw of a person are not in alignment with each other, making it hard to chew on food. So, in such people, headaches can be induced each time they eat food, as the upper jaw has to work harder by applying more pressure to chew on the food. This is a medical condition, which could need surgical intervention.

5. Monosodium Glutamate (MSG)

We may have heard of this chemical time and again, as foods which contained this chemical was banned a few years ago, in a number of countries. MSG is present in processed foods, packed foods and fast foods and it can be extremely toxic to the human body! Along with causing headaches, this toxin is also linked to major diseases such as cancer!

6. Hunger

If you have ever skipped a couple of meals, on a busy day, you must have experienced a string of other symptoms along with hunger pangs, such as fatigue, irritability, bloating, stomach pain and even headaches, right? When the body is not receiving the right amount of fuel, to keep functioning, the oxygen level in the brain decreases and causes headaches.

7. Bad Posture

If you are experiencing persistent headaches and you have eliminated most internal medical causes, then you might want to pay attention to your posture. If you have a desk job and you are sitting slouched all day, in the wrong type of chair, along with back pain and neck pain, you could also experience headaches.

8. Bright Lights

If you are someone who has a job which requires you to work with bright lights all the time, such as welding, stage light management, etc., then you could be at the risk of developing persistent headaches. Bright lights can irritate the delicate nerves around the eyes and head, as the nerves have to work harder to be able to see in very bright lighting conditions, thus causing headaches.

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