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5 Health Risks Of Having Anal Sex

By Shabana

The topic of "Sex" is the most taboo subject in our country. That is one of the reasons why it instantly attracts attention of the people.

Sex has always garnered interest among individuals and thanks to porn freely accessible to everyone across the world, people are always either talking about it or watching it.

Sex is a very sensitive topic in our country and this is the biggest reason for the increase of sex-related issues such as STDs or pregnancy. Lack of education among the masses often leads to unwanted pregnancies and rampant spread of sexually transmitted diseases and infections.

Sex is an important part of a relationship and couples are always trying to rave up their sex lives by trying out different things under the sheets. After all, physical intimacy is what keeps the sparks alive in a relationship. Apart from trying out new sexual positions, some couples try to ignite the passion in their relationship through anal sex.

Anal sex is something that is slowly catching people's fancy. But not many are aware about its effects. While it is of debate whether anal sex is unnatural or not, it certainly is different from vaginal sex. Therefore you need to keep certain things in mind before indulging in anal sex.

You might have heard from gossip mongers or read in magazines about anal sex and its health risks and noticed that the things you've read are completely opposite of the things you heard. This puts you in an unending dilemma about what to believe and what not to. Do not worry. We are here to tell you about the various health risks that come along with anal sex.

Here are certain health risks of having anal sex-


1) Infections

Anal sex can cause a number of STIs (sexually transmitted infections) such as gonorrhoea, hepatitis B and syphilis. The lining of the anus is extremely thin, which is susceptible to tears and also makes the transfer of infections possible.


2) Condition Such As Anal Abscess

Anal sex can lead to the tearing of the delicate rectum lining which does not get easily healed. This lining is what prevents the bacteria from the rectum to move to the anus. Tear in this leads to a condition called anal abscess which increases your chances of developing serious infections.


3) Development Of Fistulas

The tear in the lining of the anal walls may sometimes increase the infections to cause a condition called fistula. It is a condition where the faecal matter does not pass out of the bowel easily. This condition is usually embarrassing and needs surgery to correct it.


4) Pregnancy

Many people believe that unprotected anal sex does not cause pregnancy, which is completely false. Anal sex too causes pregnancy. The anus is situated very close to the vagina and if a condom is not worn then there are chances of some sperm entering the vagina and causing pregnancy. Also, while using a condom, it should be worn right and lots of lubes should be used. The anus does not have a natural lubricating mechanism like the vagina which makes it more prone to tearing and slipping.


5) Risks Of Anal And Cervical Cancer

Recent studies have revealed that anal and cervical cancer is caused by the infection of human pappillomavirus and the major reason for the spread of this virus is through anal sex.

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