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16 Awesome Health Benefits Of Fennel Tea

By Neha

Since ages, fennel seeds are being used for many health and medicinal purposes. Fennel seeds prevent diseases and can improve the overall health to a great extent. Fennel seeds can be eaten raw or can be had in the form of tea.

Fennel seeds are used in cooking as a flavourful spice in soups, curries and vegetable dishes. Fennel tea also has long been used as a digestive aid and the seeds are commonly eaten after a meal to improve digestion.

Fennel seeds have a high concentration of anethole, phytonutrients, minerals, vitamins and volatile oils, which can work wonders for the respiratory, gastrointestinal and immune systems.

It also provides antioxidants, antibacterial, antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory effects. It is a surprising fact that, Greek doctors prescribe fennel tea to nursing mothers in order to increase breast milk production.

Here's a look at the health benefits of fennel tea.

1. Aids Weight Loss

Since fennel tea enhances the body's digestion process, it can stimulate the nutrient intake in a better way. This will keep you away from unnecessary binge-eating and it's also a great metabolism booster that will help to get rid of the unwanted fat in the body.


2. Promotes Heart Health

A healthy liver has the ability to break down the cholesterol. So, fennel tea is known to be that one food, which helps the liver and heart to function properly and improves the heart rate. Fennels seeds are also an excellent source of potassium that helps to control the blood pressure.


3. Strengthens Immunity

Fennel seeds are extremely rich in vitamin C, which is a strong antioxidant. They are also high in antimicrobial properties that help to improve the immunity system. Fennel seeds ward away cold and flu before they can cause infection in the body.


4. Improves Eye Health

Fennel seeds are very good in improving eyesight because it contains vitamin C. The antioxidants in fennel seeds shield the eyes from effects of macular degeneration. It is also used to treat conjunctivitis by washing the eyes with fennel seeds water.


5. Reduces Acne

Fennel seeds contain essential oils, which are packed with anti-inflammatory properties to treat skin conditions like acne. Fennel seeds also help in flushing out the excess liquids from the skin, which might otherwise contribute to acne.


6. Fights Diabetes

Fennel seeds have high sources of nutrients like vitamin C and potassium that can help fight against diabetes. It also helps in lowering the blood sugar levels and also increases insulin reactivity. An Indian study found out that fennel seed was one of the 10 foods that has properties of treating diabetes.


7. Kills Internal Parasites

Fennel seeds have laxative properties that help in flushing out the parasites from the system, as it is said to be a sedative for worms inside the stomach. Fennel seeds prevent the eggs of the worms from multiplying inside the stomach and eliminates them completely.


8. Cures Menstrual Problems

Fennel seeds are very effective in treating menstrual cramps. It can also alleviate menstrual symptoms like nausea and weakness. Menstrual pain occurs when there is excessive contraction of the uterine muscles. Fennel tea has been found to relax these muscles.


9. Treats Respiratory Ailments

Fennel seeds help in treating respiratory ailments and they settle the contraction in the respiratory system and clear the passage. The seeds help to calm the spasms in the respiratory system and thus keep respiratory ailments at bay.


10. Prevents Cancer

Fennel tea contains many antioxidants that can keep you away from cancer. The seeds also contain bioactive compounds like quercetin, which has shown anti-cancerous activity. They have the ability to destroy breast cancer and liver cancer cells and also prevent colon cancer.


11. Relieves Arthritis

According to a Mumbai-based study, fennel is one of the herbs that is extensively used to treat arthritis symptoms. The fennel seeds also increase the activity of an antioxidant named superoxide dismutase, which contributes to reduced levels of inflammation in the body.


12. Improves Hormonal Balance

Fennel seeds promote hormonal balance and it is known to treat PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome). PCOS is a hormonal disorder that is mostly prevalent in women of the reproductive age. Fennel seeds contain phytoestrogen, which is ideal for reducing the symptoms related to hormonal imbalance.


13. Eliminates Bad Breath

Not only are fennel seeds good for digestion, but they can also eliminate any traces of it from your breath. Consuming fennel seeds after a meal will give a refreshing and cleansing effect on your breath, and will also protect your gums and teeth. It is due to the antibacterial and anti-fungal properties present in it.


14. Treats Heartburn

The most common applications of fennel seeds is to treat heartburn. Drinking a single cup of fennel tea will bring relief from indigestion, which is the main cause of heartburn. It can immediately ease the pain and burning sensation.


15. Deals With Morning Sickness

Expectant mothers can cure their morning sickness by sipping on a cup of fennel tea. The fennel tea can also treat sore nipples and infections. If you are a pregnant mother and don't know how to deal with morning sickness, drink a cup of fennel tea.


16. Lowers Blood Pressure

Potassium, a mineral which is abundantly found in fennel seeds, helps lower BP. Potassium acts as a vasodilator that can help relieve the tension on the arteries and blood vessels. Fennel seeds can also help prevent coronary heart disease and lower the risk of heart attack.

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