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10 Things You Should Not Do When Tired

Do your eyelids start drooping while you are working or do you feel lethargic all the time? This happens when your body is tired and exhausted. Whether you feel lousy during the day or have trouble falling asleep at night, these symptoms of tiredness could be a warning for a number of health problems.

The sleep cycle of the body requires consistency and if you are physically tired but mentally wired when going to bed, it can cause drowsiness again the very next day.

This will wreak havoc to all the bodily functions such as hormone release, body temperature, immunity and weight control, and will cause loss of energy, low concentration, poor memory and a bad mood.

So, you need to make some lifestyle changes, cut back on caffeine and alcohol, eat more of wholesome foods and exercise often. But apart from this, there are certain things you shouldn't do when you are tired.

Read on to know about the things you should not do when tired.

1. Don't Drink Lots Of Coffee In A Day

Gulping down multiple cups of coffee in a day will only make you feel tired and lousy. This leads to a crash in the body and your energy level goes down. When you drink coffee, the caffeine stays in the stomach for up to five hours, so if you drink coffee again within those five hours, it will impact your ability to sleep at night.


2. Don't Hit The Gym In Full Force

Working out requires energy; but if you overdo your workout, then you start experiencing tiredness in your muscles. Instead, you can go for lighter workouts like walking and biking that will not cause muscle cramps or any injury. Giving all your energy in the gym will make you feel tired and weak afterwards.


3. Don't Take A Nap For Longer Hours

Taking a nap for longer hours isn't a good idea because sleeping too long in the day can make it harder to sleep at night. This will make you feel tired the next day. You can nap for 20 to 30 minutes in the day but not extending more than that. This will keep you alert and active.


4. Don't Stray From Your Normal Sleep Time

When you are tired, don't snooze the alarm button, as it may disrupt your sleep cycle. Putting your sleep pattern off gear will make you more exhausted and tired and you will not get quality sleep. If you sleep 30 minutes extra from your normal time, it will prompt your body to sleep later and get up later.


5. Don't Crave For Junk Food

When your body is tired and exhausted, you tend to opt for high-calorie fatty foods. This could be unhealthy and cause weight gain. If at all you want to order fast food, go for meals that are healthy and tasty too like steamed vegetables with chicken or brown rice. This would make a balanced meal and keep you active.


6. Don't Go On Social Media

Nowadays, the whole world is on social media and no one can escape the wrath of social media. But, you can escape social media for a while when you are tired and exhausted. If you are on social media, it will keep you awake longer, as the light coming from the phone can affect the brain, making you not wanting to sleep.


7. Don't Have A Drink

If you are thinking that drinking a glass of wine will make you doze off before bedtime, then you are absolutely wrong. It's because drinking alcohol before going to sleep will impair the REM sleep (the deepest type of sleep) that will wake you up later on in the morning or at night.


8. Don’t Sleep Late During Weekends

Sleeping late during the weekends will further disrupt your sleep cycle, as you will sleep without the alarm and get up late during the day. It prompts your body to sleep later and get up later, which isn't good. This will make it difficult for you to get up on a Monday morning.


9. Don't Do Yoga That Requires Energy

Yoga definitely keeps your mind calm and relaxes your body. But there are certain yoga asanas that require energy and you don't want to do those when you are already tired and exhausted. Instead, go for yoga poses like the corpse pose, child's pose and other yoga postures that will not increase your heart rate.


10. Don't Eat A Midnight Snack

Don't indulge in any kind of a midnight snacking when you are already tired and exhausted. The body won't be able to digest the food after you go to sleep again. Avoid foods like hamburgers, chips and greasy foods that can cause heartburn, which will make it difficult for you to go to sleep.

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