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10 Helpful Tips To Follow After Experiencing A Heart Attack Scare

By Chandana Rao
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The very term "heart attack" is enough to bring chills down our spines. So, imagine how petrifying it can be, if we or our loved ones experience a heart attack scare!

Of course, any health condition, even if it is a common flu, can make us concerned to a significant extent, so knowing that you could have had a heart attack can only make you more worried and concerned.
Now, we must first understand that an actual heart attack is very different from a "heart attack scare".

A heart attack scare is a condition where people experience all the signs of an actual heart attack, such as chest pain, numbness in the left side of the body, fainting, difficulty in breathing, etc., however, when they are taken to the hospital, the doctors tell them that they haven't had an actual heart attack.

However, the doctors also warn them that a heart attack scare could very well mean that, people affected are at a high risk of experiencing a real heart attack in the near future, if their cardiac system has deteriorated.

So, here are a few tips to recover after a heart attack scare.


1. Find The Cause

A heart attack scare cannot randomly occur, without a particular cause triggering this condition, just like many other diseases. So, go to your physician and get a thorough check-up done, to find out what factors are affecting your heart's health. It could be high cholesterol, obesity, unhealthy lifestyle choices, etc. Once you find out the cause, you can work on the treatment more effectively.


2. Quit Smoking

If you have been unsuccessful in quitting cigarette smoking in the past, a serious condition like a heart attack scare, which could have been fatal, must be enough to make you realise how harmful this vice is! Many research studies have proven that smoking is one of the main causes for heart diseases and other serious health problems.


3. Stick To Your Medications

After experiencing a heart attack scare, doctors will surely put a person under a number of medications and treatments to prevent impending heart attacks. So, one must ensure that they take all the medications prescribed by the doctors regularly, without skipping it. If the medications have adverse side-effects, do not stop them immediately and talk to your doctor about the side-effects, so the doses can be altered.


4. Attend Rehab Programs

These days, in many metropolitan cities of India, hospitals offer rehabilitation programs for people who have had cardiac arrests or have had heart attack scares. These programs teach the patients on how to deal with the anxiety associated with such serious conditions. Also, they help them change their lifestyle habits by teaching them certain techniques.


5. Follow A Healthy Diet

After experiencing something as serious as a heart attack scare, there is no excuse for one to continue following an unhealthy diet. So, a healthy balanced diet must be consumed on a regular basis. Also, consume more of fruit and vegetables than you normally would, as the minerals and antioxidants in fruit and vegetables can improve heart health.


6. Watch Your Calories

It is very important to ensure that you stay away from high-calorie foods, specifically fried, processed and foods filled with unhealthy fats and sugars. These unhealthy, calorie-rich foods can only further deteriorate the health of your heart and increase your chances of having an actual heart attack in the future. So, stick to the diet that is prescribed by your doctor.


7. Exercise Regularly

A number of research studies have proven that regular exercise can prevent a number of major diseases, including heart diseases and even cancer! So, if you have had a heart attack scare recently, then you must definitely start a regular exercise routine, after talking to your doctor. Ensure that you perform these exercises monitored by a professional trainer, to avoid complications.


8. Maintain A Good Oral Hygiene

Many of us laymen may feel that our oral health or oral hygiene is in no way connected to the heart's health. However, research studies have proven that, the blood from your gums directly reaches the heart through the veins. If you have cavities or infected gums, the infected blood could reach your heart and trigger cardiac arrests. So, it is important to take care of your oral health.


9. Seek Counseling

When a person goes through a life-threatening experience, it can cause a lot of psychological trauma and anxiety about the future. So, even a heart attack scare can make a person weak mentally and could cause anxiety and depression. So, if needed, do seek psychological counseling, with a professional who can help you deal with your problems in a better manner.


10. Manage Stress

Stress is a common ailment, which is the root cause of a number of diseases. So, if you have already experienced a heart attack scare, then you should be even more careful when it comes to stress and must ensure that it is not further deteriorating the health of your heart. Meditation and yoga can help you, if you are prone to getting stressed out often!

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Story first published: Thursday, February 1, 2018, 22:00 [IST]
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