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10 Foods And Drinks That Could Worsen A Hangover

Foods To Avoid While Suffering A Hangover | BoldSky

Almost every person has experienced a bad hangover after gulping down glasses of alcohol. No matter how much you try to restrict yourself from drinking alcohol, it's the urge that always come up. Drinking responsibly with a slice of lemon does not really help!

According to a noted study, it is said that about 76 percent of adults may experience some kind of a hangover after drinking. The symptoms of hangover include dehydration, muscle aches, headaches, shakiness, dizziness, vomiting, rapid heartbeat, nausea, and sensitivity to light to name a few.

When you have a terrible hangover, you body tends to dehydrate and you feel tired and sleepy the whole day. Also, you don't feel like eating foods because you suffer with a bad stomach pain that makes you feel even more tired.

Today, in this article, we will talk about the foods and drinks that could worsen a hangover. Here are 10 foods and drinks that you should avoid when you're in a hangover.

1. Fried Foods

You might be craving for fried and greasy foods which are full of calories and carbohydrates. But let us warn you that eating fried foods isn't a good idea, as it will make you feel more tired and drained out. The fried and greasy foods could irritate the stomach causing digestion problems.


2. Coffee

You might be thinking that drinking cups of coffee would cure your hangover and make you feel better. But, you are wrong, drinking multiple cups of coffee can worsen your hangover. It's because when the caffeine is burned out in the body, there is an immediate energy loss, which makes you feel lethargic.


3. Burger

Who doesn't like to eat a delicious burger? Almost everyone does! Eating a meaty burger in the morning is a bad idea. Want to know why? Because burgers are full of calories and fats which might cause bloating and gas in the stomach that might make you feel more uncomfortable.


4. Orange Juice

A refreshing glass of orange juice is what you need to cure your hangover, is what you thought right? Wrong! Oranges contain natural sugars and are acidic in nature, which when made into a juice can irritate your stomach to a large extent, making you feel thirsty. Instead, drink plain water to cut off dehydration.


5. Meat Like Chicken Or Bacon

If you are craving for large quantities of meat like chicken, bacon or beef, then let us tell you that it may cause headaches while you are on a hangover. Your blood sugar becomes low when you are on a hangover, and eating meat products will only increase your protein intake and not carbs which are essential too.


6. Sugary Drinks

If you are wondering that sugary drinks are going to help you, then they are not. Sugary drinks are high in sugar content that can make your hangover worse, contributing to stomach problems. This will only add on to your other problems.


7. Pickles

Pickles are one of the worst foods for overcoming a hangover. Why? Pickles are acidic in nature and the excess amount of oil used in it will cause gas and bloating in the stomach. Pickles irritate the stomach lining, causing uneasiness. Instead, you can eat cucumber pickle, as it will cool down the stomach.


8. Soy Protein Shakes

There is no harm in drinking soy protein shake, but avoid this food when you are in a hangover. Because soy is loaded with proteins and if your body ingests more protein and less of carbohydrates, it could worsen your system more. So, avoid having the soy protein shake.


9. Sports Drinks

There are many sports drinks that have extra calories and contain two-thirds of the sugar in sodas. Drinking them could worsen your hangover and sports drink also has high-fructose corn syrup, artificial flavours and food colouring that can make you feel lousy while on a hangover.


10. Fried Snacks

Fried snacks are devoid of nutritional value that makes it the worst food for a hangover. Snacks like candy bars, cookies, pastries and crackers contain more calories and are refined carbohydrates with added sugar. Your body will not get enough of nutrition due to these foods, which will worsen your hangover.

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Story first published: Wednesday, February 21, 2018, 20:00 [IST]
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