10 Benefits Of Walking 30 Minutes A Day

By Shabana

In today's scientifically and technologically advanced society, we humans are caught up in a web of technology.

We are so heavily reliant on them that it has made our lives very complicated. We use machines and technology in every aspect of our lives, even when not needed.

benefits of walking 30 minutes a day

During the old times, health and fitness was not a fad among people. But still, our ancestors were as fit as a fiddle. Not many life-threatening diseases were prevalent at that time.

What kept them healthy was the fact that their diet was devoid of the fast and processed food which is so part of our lives now. Also, there was only one form of exercise that our ancestors knew and that was - Walking.

Walking was and has been the best form of exercise that a human body can get. Forget investing in a gym membership or costly exercise machines, 30 minutes of walking daily will give your whole body a workout and provide other amazing benefits.

It works all the muscles of our body at once and burns calories. Simple things are often the best and walking is the perfect example of it.

Here are top 10 benefits of walking 30 minutes a day.


1) Walking Keeps Our Heart Healthy

Walking daily increases our heart rate. This improves the circulation of blood, controls blood pressure, decreases the amount of bad cholesterol in the body and increases good cholesterol.


2) It Improves Our Metabolism

Walking stimulates our digestive system and helps the stomach secrete more digestive juices. This in turns is helpful for the complete digestion of food and increases our metabolic rate. It prevents the incomplete digestion and other problems relating to it too.


3) It Prevents Osteoporosis

Daily walking strengthens our bones and makes them stronger. Also, walking in the sunlight encourages our body to produce vitamin D3, which is used for effective absorption of the calcium in our body. Walking also prevents the fluid in our joints from drying, thereby keeping us away from arthritis too.


4) It Helps Tone Our Muscles

Walking every day helps tone our muscles and increases the muscle-fat ratio in our body. That results in toned arms, thighs and butt, that too without sweating it hard in the gym.


5) It Improves Our Immune System

Walking strengthens our immune system by encouraging the body to increase the production of white blood cells. People who regularly walk are noted to have less chances of catching a cold or common flu.


6) It Stimulates Our Brain Muscles

Walking increases the activity in our brain cells. It prevents the loss of brain tissue, which is directly connected to loss of memory and dementia in old ages. Every day walking is known to improve your memory power and prevent diseases like Alzheimer's too.


7) It Keeps Us Active And Alert

Walking every day keeps a lot of diseases at bay. This way, we are healthy and active both mentally and physically. Walking increases our blood circulation and also the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood. More oxygen in every cell results in high energy levels.


8) It Helps The Body For The Detoxification Process

When all the muscles in our body are moving, the organs start flushing the toxins out. Also, our colon becomes active and this results in regular bowel movements. Once the body is rid of the toxins, its efficiency improves.


9) Walking Keeps Us Happy

Walking in a park with our favourite music is said to relieve some stress from our minds. Also, the mind starts producing oxytocin, which lifts up our mood. This reduces the chances of going into depression. Walking is a great stress reliever and is also known to induce sleep.


10) It Increases Life Expectancy

Studies have shown that walking every day along with a healthy diet increases life expectancy by at least 5 to 7 years. Walking helps solve most of our health problems, which automatically adds years to our life.

A balanced diet along with 30 minutes of walk every day will keep you fit enough to enjoy every moment of your life and live long.

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    Story first published: Tuesday, January 16, 2018, 21:00 [IST]
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