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Your Tongue Can Tell A Lot About Your Health Condition; Read To Find Out!

By Sravia Sivaram

Our tongue is a very essential organ that we use to speak, eat and taste food. Did you know that your tongue can tell a lot about your health as well?

In this article, we will let you know what your tongue says about your health. If your tongue becomes enlarged unusually, then it may develop a wavy pattern on the edge and this is called scalloped tongue.

This rippled effect along the edge of the tongue getting formed happens due to the swollen tongue getting pressed against your teeth. This condition is known as wavy tongue, crenated tongue, pie crust tongue or crenulated tongue.

If the tongue becomes enlarged, it will push against the surrounding teeth, thus creating a scalloping effect. Depending on its severity, you may have pronounced scalloping.

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You might also see visible teeth marks, indentations on the tongue ridges. This article will let you know what does having a wavy tongue mean. Continue reading to know what your tongue can tell you about your health.


1. Hypothyroidism:

This is one of the common causes of tongue scalloping. Among the effects of not having enough thyroid hormone is a large protruding tongue. This swelling can push the edges against the teeth.


2. Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome:

Any problems in the muscles and joints around the jaw can cause a wavy and enlarged tongue. This condition can also cause pain in your jaw.


3. Spleen QI Deficiency:

Spleen disorders are usually associated with scalloped tongue. The spleen can become enlarged due to infections or injury. This will let you know what your tongue says about your health.


4. Sleep Apnoea:

A scalloped tongue can also be a sign of sleep apnoea. Further, scalloped tongue and snoring patterns are useful in the diagnosis of abnormal sleep patterns.


5. Mineral Or Vitamin Deficiency:

Tongue swelling with ridges can indicate a Vitamin B12 deficiency that can cause the tongue to swell. It can also make it appear very red as well.


6. Anxiety:

In some cases, anxiety can cause the tongue to become enlarged and can have a rippled effect on the sides. Tongue scalloping is one of the ways with which stress and anxiety can affect your body.


7. Allergies:

Allergies can also make the tongue to swell or become enlarged. Allergies can be caused by food, medications or due to insect bites.


8. Injury To Your Tongue:

This can also cause swelling for a small period. An injury to your tongue can make your tongue swollen and it will start pressing against your teeth. This is one of the top wavy tongue symptoms.


9. Medications:

Some medications can also cause side effects that include swelling of the tongue and also a rippled effect along the ridges.


10. Inherited Causes Of Macroglossia:

This makes the tongue enlarged and it may also include various other symptoms like Down's syndrome, etc.

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