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You Must Never Eat These Foods For Lunch! Watch Out!

By Sravia Sivaram

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but this does not imply that you must neglect what you have for breakfast, as it can have an impact on the type of lunch you'd want to eat.

What you have for lunch can also mean a lot for your health. Choosing the right combination will help you maintain energy for all day long.

Selecting the wrong balance of food can leave you cranky, irritable and hungry before your afternoon coffee rolls in.

We are not suggesting that you should completely avoid certain foods from your diet. This can lead to overindulgence when you finally lay your hands on them.

What we are trying to say is that there are some foods you must eat less often and some more often.

But there are some foods that you have to completely steer clear off from your platter. It is advised that you consider healthier food swaps for these particular foods.

To make things easier for you, we have listed some of the foods that you should avoid for lunch. Read to know about the foods that you should never eat for lunch.


1. White Bread:

There are high possibilities for anyone of us to get a quick bite into sandwiches for lunch. When you're in such a time crunch, it is advised that you avoid white bread for lunch. It contains very little fibre and high glycaemic index (GI), which is likely to spike your blood sugar levels and can give you an energy crash and cravings.


2. Mayonnaise:

One spoon of mayonnaise can bump your food by 100 calories. It contains nothing but fat and hence you're not reaping any benefit out of it. This is one of the main foods that you should avoid for lunch.


3. Granola Bars:

They seem to be a great snack to pack with your lunch, but they offer very little nutritional value. These bars are high in sugar, with very little fibre or protein to keep you high.


4. Flavoured Yogurt:

The flavoured ones are usually packed with tons of sugar and these can contain more sugar than a can of soda. You're basically gorging on a cup of fully empty calories.


5. Chips:

Avoid these chips as a side dish for your diet. With no fibre or protein, they are not going to keep you feeling full either. Chips are highly processed and this makes it difficult for you to stop eating them. This will only double your calorie consumption.


6. Sugary Drinks:

These sugary drinks can load you up on added sugars that translates to excess calories. These drinks can also spike your blood sugar levels, causing an energy crash later.


7. Mixed Greens With Just Chicken:

Lots of people think a large mixed green salad with grilled chicken is a smart lunch option. The problem of eating nothing but chicken and lettuce is that, you're missing some kind of fat and fibre that will keep you feeling fuller for longer.


8. A Plate Of Pasta:

Eating a large portion of this without any added protein will not keep your stomach satisfied throughout the afternoon. You might end up feeling sluggish later. This is also one of the main foods that you should avoid for lunch.


9. Ranch Dip:

Having vegetables is a great choice, but is dipping them in ranch the right thing to do? Ranch is packed with calories and it contains few nutrients. So, it is suggested that you go for other nutritious options.


10. Pastries, Cookies And Cakes:

These are considered to be extremely unhealthy. They are generally made with refined sugar, refined wheat flour and added fats that are very unhealthy for the body.

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