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Are You Addicted To Diet Soda? Reasons You Should Stop It Immediately

By Sripriya Satish

If you are under the impression that diet soda is a good alternative to those sugary soft drinks, then you have got it all wrong.

Though it has a lower calorie count than its sugary counter parts, this chemical cocktail can easily damage your health if you are addicted to it!

This article explores the reasons on why you should immediately stop drinking diet soda if you are in the habit of having this drink regularly and frequently.


Risk Of Diabetes:

Having the habit of drinking diet coke daily is a dangerous thing to do, as it puts you in the danger of acquiring type II diabetes. Let us have a quick peek into the reasons behind this. According to various studies, the artificial sweeteners present in the coke can confuse the metabolism in our system, which leads to stimulated and distorted appetite.

This, in turn, leads to higher food intake and thus we tend to develop sweet cravings. Also, the artificial sweeteners present in these chemical drinks may also affect the microbes present in the gut, thus leading to diabetes.

Other risk factors on the consumption of these drinks include the negative effects on glucose metabolism and insulin sensitivity, which leads to this irreversible disease.



Though the artificial sweeteners present in diet sodas can give you a temporary satisfaction of tackling your sweet cravings, the truth according to the National Institute of Health, is that they can cause a condition of severe headaches.

The culprit in some diet sodas is the sweetener aspartame or sucralose whose side effect is the development of headaches. Though these sweeteners are, say some 200 times stronger than real sugar their side effects like splitting headaches and nausea are very common.


Bad For The Bones:

This fizzy drink, on having it on a regular basis, can easily affect your bones and let us see how! The main culprit namely, phosphoric acid, present in this dangerous drink, has a tendency to absorb the calcium present in the bones, which may lead to bone breakage, osteoporosis, fractures, etc., in the later stages of your life. In other words, the acids present in the diet sodas can easily de-mineralize our bones, thus weakening them.



Weight gain is another important and worse side effect of drinking this chemical drink. Let us consider the reasons! This sweetened drink not only increases the urge to have more sweetened stuff but also confuses the brain receptors, since the sweetened sensation by this drink does not have a link with the flow of calories. The result is in the more intake of food, which in turn leads to obesity.



Dehydration has a direct link with the consumption of diet coke. Let us see why! The empty nutritional value and caffeine present in this drink contribute to dehydration. Coke has diuretic properties, which makes you urinate often, thus depriving our body of that much needed water. Thus, for quenching our thirst, this drink is not a good choice after all!


Affects The Vital Organs:

Several kinds of researches indicate that people who drank diet coke are put in the greater risk of affecting their vital organs like the heart and kidneys. There is a reduced function of the kidneys by about 30 percent. Also, cardiovascular diseases are more common in these people and they are more prone to heart attacks.

Diet coke may mislead anyone into believing that it is a healthy drink, as it is devoid of any calories. But the way it confuses the brain because of its artificial sweeteners may discourage anyone from having this fizzy drink. It is always best to resort to plain water or fresh juices, thus escaping from the ill-effects of diet coke!

Story first published: Wednesday, August 9, 2017, 19:00 [IST]
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