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Driving When Dehydrated Could Be As Bad As Drunk Driving!


If you are thinking that you are a very safe driver just because you never drink alcohol before driving, you are not completely right.

Health experts say that not drinking enough water is as bad as drunk driving. Yes. Never drink alcohol when you go for a drive. That's good. But don't forget to keep a water bottle by your side when you go for a drive!

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Here are some more facts on this.


Fact #1

A new study revealed that dehydrated drivers make as many driving mistakes as rash drivers and drunk drivers.


Fact #2

Dehydration could double the mistakes. For example, when you are properly hydrated, if you make only 3 mistakes in one hour of driving, dehydration could make you commit at least 6!

8 Surprising Signs Of Dehydration You Must Know


Fact #3

Dehydration could cause mental fog. It diminishes mental alertness. When you are not alert, you might take wrong decisions or may not be able to drive perfectly.


Fact #4

You might miss taking turns at right places, you might lose patience and keep honking at crowded places, or you may even feel drowsy at the wheel if you are dehydrated.


Fact #5

Studies reveal that human error is the major cause of a majority of road accidents all over the world. And dehydration increases the probability of human error.

Conditions That Increase Dehydration Risk


Fact #6

That is the reason why keeping a bottle by your side while driving can help you hydrate yourself. Also, skip caffeine which dehydrates you. When you go for a long drive, don't forget these tips. A water bottle can save your life!

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Story first published: Sunday, June 11, 2017, 12:52 [IST]
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