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How Often Should You Wash Your Stuff?

Your home, your surroundings, your clothes, your items and everything else in your life collects bacteria and dust over time. So, you may need to wash them.

Forget about objects, you need to wash your body too; everyday, you go to the shower to clean yourself. In the same way, you need to wash all your belongings. But how often?

Well, here is a list of objects and the details of how often you should wash them to avoid bacteria and dust buildup....



Mop your floor once a day. If you have carpet on the floor, vacuum clean it once a week. Remove the carpet and get it professionally cleaned once a year.

The floor and carpet can be the biggest breeding ground for bacteria if you don't clean them regularly.


Bed Sheets

Lots of dust mites settle on your bed sheets. You need to wash them once a week. Otherwise, the risk of eczema, hay fever, asthma and other allergies would increase. It is better to wash them with hot water.



Wash it everyday. Otherwise, it stinks. Also, the remnants of food may make the skin a happy place for bacteria if you don't wash every day.


Inner Garments

Underwear should be washed after every single use. Bras can be washed after 2-3 uses but never wear the same bra for two consecutive days.



Wash it every alternate day as daily wash may wash out the natural oils secreted on the scalp.

If you don't wash your hair regularly, dust, bacteria and dead cells may cause itching, and skin allergies.



Do you know that your wallet carries lots of bacteria? Wipe it once a week with a washing solution that suits leather surfaces.



Once a week, spend enough time in cleaning your bathroom. Scrub every surface thoroughly as bacteria may cause stains.



Wash them once a week. But don't forget to dry wet towels in sun soon after use. Washing them in hot water is better.



Dust mites breed even in your pillows. If you don't wash them once in 2-3 months, you may feel like scratching your skin due to the allergies dust mites may create.



Wipe the interiors of your refrigerator once a week using vinegar. This will make it germ-free.

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