Things That Happen When You Stop Sitting And Start Standing More

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Have you ever wondered what is going on inside your body with your constant sitting? Sitting is killing us, say experts!

A latest research analysis conducted in Canada on the same issue that included 17,000 subjects, found a connection between sitting and the higher danger of coronary disease associated deaths. The study said that the more a person sat, the more his odds were of dying in 12 years from heart issues.

Likewise, another analysis that was published in the medical diary, Circulation, found that every hour which was spent viewing television in a sitting position led to a rise in the likelihood of a heart issue associated death, for the person by a whopping 18%.

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Another analysis that was published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine additionally said that four hours of sitting led the body to start sending out dangerous signs.

The study further said that the genes which modulate the quantity of fat and glucose in the body start to turn off after extended sitting, leading to diabetes mellitus, heart ailments, high blood pressure, cancer and obesity as well.

So it is time to stop sitting for long hours and start standing in order to protect yourself from several diseases and to give a boost to your health. Here is what happens when you stop sitting and start standing:


1. Improves Mood:

Research has proved that the more you stand, the more there is a chance of you gaining a proper posture. A better posture will immediately give you a better self-esteem and improve your mood instantly.


2. Energy:

Studies have proved that when you stop sitting and start standing more, you end up feeling more energetic. You do not need a cup of coffee to keep you energised.


3. Reduce Back Pain:

The back pain that you used to suffer from when you had been sitting all day long will reduce when you start standing all day long.


4. Burn Calories & Lose Weight:

You do not lose a lot of weight when you swap sitting for standing as you tend to burn some more calories, but in the long run, added together, you will end up burning quite an amount of calories and losing weight.


5. Better Concentration:

Studies have proved that when you stand, your focus also tends to improve. You are able to concentrate better.

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Story first published: Saturday, February 11, 2017, 18:30 [IST]
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