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Why You Shouldn’t Control Your Sneeze

A sneeze is strange. It is uncontrollable and unstoppable. A sneeze is a forcible blow of air and water droplets from the mouth.

Sometimes, the water droplets can even travel up to 30 feet! That is why when an infected person sneezes, the infection could spread to others when he sneezes!

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Have you ever wondered at what speed the water droplets travel? Well, the speed is between 20-40 meters per hour!

Here are some more facts that explain why a sneeze should be stopped and why others around must not be affected by your sneeze.


Why You Shouldn’t Control Your Sneeze

When you are around people and a sneeze comes, you tend to control it as you don't want to sneeze in public. But you know what? Stopping a sneeze is harmful to you. And sneezing is harmful to others around!

Does It Damage The Eardrum?

In some cases, a sneeze when forcibly stopped can even damage the eardrum. It can even pop a blood vessel somewhere in the eye!

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Other Issues

The reason why stopping a sneeze could be dangerous is the pressure of the sneeze shifts to other areas like the skull or the sinuses.

Can The Body Recover?

Of course, the damage caused by stopping a sneeze can be recovered naturally as the body repairs itself; but still researchers still say that it isn't advisable to stop a violent sneeze.

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In Public

What to do when are in public. Well, cover your mouth with a napkin and still sneeze. That will help you prevent the infection from spreading and at the same time, your body feels relieved.

Diseases That Spread

Flu, influenza and common cold are the main diseases that could easily spread through a sneeze. When you are in a crowded place and women sneezes without covering the mouth, you may need to cover up your nose and mouth to avoid getting infected.

What To Do?

Also, carry a few tissue papers in your bag to cover your face either while sneezing or when others around you sneeze!

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