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What Causes Lethargy?


What is lethargy? Well, have you ever felt lazy, fatigued and low in energy levels? Well, what causes that? It could be stress, boredom, poor diet or even insomnia.

Generally, a good night's sleep can act as a good remedy for that. But in some cases, lethargy could also be due to serious health conditions too.

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For example, people suffering from thyroid problems, sleep disorders, anemia, asthma and cancer could also suffer from lethargy. Other symptoms like feeling demotivated and depressed may accompany. Here are some more facts about lethargy.


Go For Medical Tests

If the problem of lethargy becomes chronic, then it could be a symptom of some serious medical condition. If that is the case, a doctor can diagnose the actual health issues causing lethargy. Urine and blood tests are recommended.


Record Symptoms

Lethargy in itself isn't a serious problem if it lasts only for a day or two. But if it accompanies pain, confusion, dizziness, heart palpitations, blurred vision, fever or chest pain then going to a hospital is inevitable.

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Feeling Drained?

The problem with lethargy is that you tend to feel drained. Your muscular strength dips and you may not feel like doing any work. Lack of motivation may make you sit in a gloomy mood for long. If you neglect the issue, your body may fail to even respond to any stimuli.


Thyroid Issues?

It could be thyroid issue if your lethargy increases as the day passes. Other symptoms include sudden weight gain, constipation etc.

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Sleep Deprivation?

If the symptoms of the lethargy include stress and depression and if the lethargy persists all day then it could be due to sleep deprivation.


Healthy Diet

If lethargy symptoms don't subside even after starting a healthy diet as well as exercise program, then it could be due to chronic fatigue syndrome.


Consult A Doctor

Generally, lethargy can be tackled by staying active and eating healthy. But in some cases anxiety, substance abuse, depression, grief and dementia could also cause lethargy. In such a case, consulting a doctor is a must.

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