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Ways Your Vagina Tells That You're Unhealthy

By Sravia Sivaram

Your vagina, just like any other part of the body, needs regular care, hygiene and attention. Many women are way too embarrassed when they want to discuss about issues concerning their sexual health.

Every woman must have regular check-ups with her gynaecologist. There are many symptoms through which your vagina lets you know that you're as unhealthy as you can be.

The vagina has a delicate pH balance. You must maintain its balance by not making use of harsh soaps that will upset its pH balance.

After the age of 20, regular check-ups are essential for every woman.

An unhealthy vagina can affect your fertility and libido. Long-term vaginal stress can affect the relationship with your partner, lower your self-confidence and induce other stress-related issues.

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In this article, we have listed some of the signs which show your vagina is unhealthy. Read to know the signs which show your vagina is unhealthy.


1. Itching:

Itching can be a sign of an infection or STD. The likely cause can be a yeast infection that can result from taking antibiotics.


2. Odour:

Vagina never smells like a bed of roses, but it must never smell fowl. If you experience an unpleasant fishy odour, then it's possible you have a vaginal infection.


3. Discoloured Discharge:

Abnormal colours like yellow, green, gray, white or brown are reasons for concern in the case of abnormal vaginal discharge. It's time to visit the doctor in this case.


4. Abnormal Bleeding:

Any kind of spotting or bleeding in between your periods need to be checked. Regular bleeding can be a symptom of cervical cancer.


5. Painful Sex:

Painful sex can be caused by a number of reasons like infections, UTI, skin infections, irritation, etc. It can be the sigh of some of the underlying conditions like endometriosis. This is one of the signs which shows your vagina is unhealthy.


6. Dryness:

Dryness mostly occurs after menopause when the oestrogen levels drop. This may even cause a discomfort during an intercourse.


7. Skin Lesions:

You need to keep an eye on the unusual sores or bumps on the skin around the labia and vaginal opening. This can be signs of an untreated STD. This is also one of the warning signs which shows your vagina is unhealthy.


8. Burning During Peeing:

Having a burning sensation during peeing is a common sign of an urinary tract infection. An UTI can be easy to contract and you need to drink lots of water to flush the bacteria out of the system.

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Story first published: Monday, September 25, 2017, 17:30 [IST]
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