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Types Of Vaginal Odours That Every Women Should Know About

By Sravia Sivaram

It's perfectly natural for your vagina to have some kind of a smell, sometimes, certain kinds of vaginal discharges can have a different smell. This can indicate a serious infection.

Particularly, if it comes along with a change in colour, amount or consistency of vaginal discharge.

There are certain kinds of smells that you need to look out for to know whether your scent is super normal or soured or in the need of a medical attention.


If a female body functions well, then you may notice vaginal discharge either during menstruations or every day.

Vaginal discharge can either be physiological or pathological and a woman should be able to distinguish between them. Some of the factors for a healthy discharge are the discharge being colourless (sometimes whitish), with no bad vaginal odour and absence of itching, pain or burning.

The first warning sign is that when the discharge appears, the colour and odour appear around the intimate area.

In this case, a women must consult a gynaecologist immediately to get timely diagnosis and treatment.

In this article, we have mentioned the different kinds of vaginal discharges and the types of vaginal odours that can be noted.

Read further to know more on what is the cause of vaginal odour.


1. Musky:

When your vagina is healthy, the scent can vary based on your activity level. If you notice a strong scent after doing some intense activity, then it's perfectly normal, as it is due to the moisture released by the sweat glands. If there is an intolerable change, then this could be a sign of an infection.


2. Fishy:

If your vagina gives off a strong, fishy odour, then chances are you're suffering from an infection. If the odour increases right after an intercourse along with a rise in the discharge, then this could be a sign of bacterial vaginosis. This is one of the common kinds of vaginal discharge.


3. Bleachy:

Lubricants or condoms can contribute to this smell. It would then smell like chlorine or bleach. There is nothing to be worried for this.


4. Yeasty:

It is normal for a small amount of bacteria to be present in the vagina. But yeast infection occurs when there is an overgrowth due to lubrications, spermicides, antibiotic use or even pregnancy. This is one of the different types of vaginal odours that can be noted.


5. Tinny:

If your vagina smells a bit metallic, when you get your periods, then it is because the blood mixes with the natural state of the healthy vagina and can give off a healthy smell.


6. Sweet:

Your diet can actually affect the taste and smell of the vagina. Citrus fruits like oranges, pineapple and grapefruits are known to sweeten the smell and taste of the vaginal fluids.

On the other hand, onions, garlic, broccoli and asparagus can cause an unpleasant odour.


7. Odour Like That Of Sperm:

Of such smell appears, then there are some changes and disturbances in the the vaginal microflora, irrespective of the vaginal microflora. It is advised to adjust the balance of the flora with special medications.


8. Sour Odour:

This odour is a sign of a fungal infection called candidiasis. This is recognized by the cheese-like discharge. This disease is followed by bacterial vaginosis. This will let you know what is the cause of vaginal odour.

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Story first published: Thursday, August 3, 2017, 14:37 [IST]
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