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Different Vaginal Odours & What They Indicate


The smell of your privates can resemble your health condition too. In fact, the smell keeps changing depending upon your lifestyle, your diet and certain other factors.

Even the amount of healthy bacteria can also change the smell. When the balance of healthy bacteria is disturbed, the smell turns into pungent odour.

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The healthy pH of the privates is 4.5. The odour comes from bacteria and fluids. If the odour accompanies pain or burning sensation, consult a doctor. Here are some types of smells and what they indicate.



Pungent fishy smell could be a sign of infections like bacterial vaginosis or even trichomoniasis. Sometimes, it could also be due to excessive bacterial growth. Consult a doctor to find out.



Yeast infection could also make your delicate parts smelly. If you have itchy sensation and discharge along with odour, it could be yeast infection.



Even urinary tract infection, leaky gut and bacterial vaginosis could also cause smell that resembles the smell of ammonia. Drink more water and consult the doctor.

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Intense physical activity like workouts can cause musty smell down there. If you wish to reduce the musty smell, you need to shave the hair down there and rinse it with water.

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During periods, the smell of the privates changes obviously due to the menstrual blood. The peculiar smell could resemble the smell of iron.



Sometimes, the smell resembles the smell of bleach. This could happen after intercourse depending upon the lubricants and the material of the condoms used.

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Story first published: Sunday, May 21, 2017, 12:01 [IST]
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