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Top Side Effects Of Soda Consumption On Health & Body

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Soda is nothing but sugar water, without any nutritional value. Consumption of soda can increase the risk of obesity and diabetes.

There are several side effects that can be attributed to drinking soda and we have listed them in this article. This will give you an idea of the reasons on why you need to stop drinking soda water for your health's sake.

side effects of drinking soda

It may kick-start so many health problems and also play a spoilsport with your waistline. As soon as soda is swallowed, the pancreas gets alerted and starts producing insulin in response to the sugar. There are several harmful effects of soda and this article will help you know them all.

The body uses insulin in order to move the sugar from the food into the bloodstream. From the bloodstream, the cells use this sugar for energy. Within a short span of time, around 15-20 minutes, there will be a spike in your blood sugar levels. The liver responds to the insulin produced by turning sugar into fat for storage.

After an hour of drinking soda, the body experiences a blood sugar crash and this might be the same time at which the person might be going for that second soda can. In this article, we have listed down the top side effects of drinking soda.

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Read further and know for yourself the unnecessary problems that you can invite yourself by consuming this as well as the top side effects of drinking soda.


1. Kidney Problems:

Drinking more than two sodas a day can lead to a kidney decline and as per research, it was found that the sweeteners added to the soda are responsible for this. This is one of the top side effects of drinking soda every day.


2. Cell Damage:

Soda contains inhibitors like potassium benzoate and sodium benzoate that will cause severe damage to the DNA in the mitochondria, to the point that it will lead to cell damage.

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3. Risk Of Metabolic Syndrome:

Drinking a diet soda can per day can lead to a 34% higher risk of metabolic syndrome and also cause symptoms like high cholesterol, belly fat and heart diseases. This is one of the top side effects of drinking soda.


4. Obesity:

Soda contains artificial sweeteners that may disrupt the body's natural ability to adjust the calorie intake. It will also lead to an increase in craving and further lead to obesity.


5. Reproductive Issues:

The soft drink cans or the soda cans contain a harmful chemical called endocrine disruptor or bisphenol A, which has been associated with creating reproductive issues.


6. Oral Health Issues:

Diet soda can lead to rotting of the teeth, as it contains a pH of 3.1 and is extremely acidic. This is one of the side effects of diet soda.


7. Causes Insulin Reaction:

A can of soda contains about 9 spoons of sugar. This will drastically increase the blood sugar level and also cause insulin reaction in the blood. This is one of the top side effects of drinking soda.

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8. Long-Term Health Problems:

Soda contains high fructose corn syrup and this may contain a trace of mercury that can cause long-lasting health problems.


9. Seizures And Multiple Sclerosis:

Diet sodas contain aspartame, which is very harmful for our health. This has been related to several health problems like multiple sclerosis, seizures, diabetes, brain tumours and many more.


10. Osteoporosis:

Diet sodas contain phosphoric acid that hampers with the body's ability to absorb calcium. This may lead to osteoporosis, bone softening and even other bone-related diseases.

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