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7 Important Tips To Follow Before Taking Prescription Medicines

As humans we are no strangers to diseases, this is a fact. In our lifetimes many of us are affected by at least a few diseases, be it major or minor.

Now, when we are afflicted by any kind of disease, the right way to go about it is to take immediate treatment, because when left untreated, even a small disorder could turn into something life threatening!

For example, if you do not take medications for a cough or a headache, it could turn into a full blown flu!

Now, earlier, before the advent of modern medication, people depended solely on herbal remedies that consisted of natural ingredients, which were easily available in the kitchens and gardens.

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These natural ingredients did not have any side-effects and so they could be safely taken without a second thought.

However, these days, modern medications have become extremely popular, as they can provide quick relief.

However, they contain a lot of chemicals and so, certain tips must be followed before taking them.


Tip #1

Before taking prescription medications, you must ask your doctor if there are certain foods you must avoid, as some foods can react negatively with certain medications and cause ill effects.


Tip #2

Avoid consuming alcohol, even if it is just a glass, while you are on medication, as most types of prescription medications react very negatively with alcohol, increasing the side-effects.


Tip #3

In case you throw up, within 15 minutes of taking a prescription medication, you must take another does, as these medications take at least 30 minutes to get infused into your blood stream.


Tip #4

Every prescription medications are different from each other. Some may take longer to work, while others may work quickly, so you must be patient, if you want to see the results.


Tip #5

If you are taking antibiotics, then you must take the complete course, as prescribed by your doctor, even if you start feeling better, as the complete course is required to kill the microbes.


Tip #6

Certain vitamin and mineral supplements that you are talking on a regular basis can also react negatively with a few medications, so talk to your doctor about them.


Tip #7

Consuming probiotics like yoghurt and curd is known to minimise the side-effects of certain strong antibiotics, as probiotics protect the walls of your stomach against strong chemicals.

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Story first published: Wednesday, April 5, 2017, 12:38 [IST]
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