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Times You Should Never Use Essential Oil

By Sravia Sivaram

Essential oils have several advantages from relieving joint pain to treating symptoms of cold as well as heart burn. Many people think that essential oil is a plant extract mixed with some kind of an oil.

However, it isn't the case. It takes a lot of amount of the plant to make a small quantity of essential oil. For example, about 220 pounds of lavender flowers are required just to make one pound of the lavender essential oil.

People might think that essential oils are natural in nature and hence must be safe. In reality, essential oils are highly concentrated and they are not the same as that of the herbs they are extracted from. This is why they can be dangerous at times.

This article deals with the cases when you should not use essential oils.

There are certain factors that are quite important when it comes to using essential oils. The dosage is another mandatory factor that you need to take care of.

Sometimes, a high concentration can lead to severe problems like tumour development or other changes that can happen to the body on the use of essential oils.

Also, the purity of these oils are compromised. Essential oils are altered by adding synthetic chemicals and other compounds. They are sometimes diluted with vegetable oil as well.

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Read further to know more about the cases when you should not be using essential oils.


1. When Undiluted:

These oils are very strong and are highly concentrated. Using them just like that will cause rashes or even burns. It is recommended to dilute it with a carrier oil. For example, jojoba, avocado or grapeseed oil.


2. Should Not Be Used On Mucous Membrane:

Essential oils should never be used on mucous membranes - the tissues that line the body cavities like mouth, throat and vagina. This will burn or inflame these areas. You need to be aware of the correct methods to use essential oils.


3. Should Never Be Taken Internally:

These must never be consumed without the consultation of doctor. They are known to deplete the good bacteria in the gut.


4. Not To Be Used On Sensitive Skin:

Some essential oils are phototoxic and these can make your skin more sensitive, causing you to get severe burns. Hence, you must be aware of when you must avoid using essential oils.


5. If You're Allergic:

If you cannot bear the strong scent of these essential oils, then try to keep off from this as much as possible. Further, also check whether it is okay for your skin, by placing a small patch on your skin before using it.


6. If You're Pregnant:

These oils are very powerful and this might affect our bodies. Try to avoid taking them internally if you're pregnant. This is a case when you must not use essential oils.

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Story first published: Tuesday, February 21, 2017, 18:30 [IST]
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