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Ways To Tighten Vagina Naturally


Is there a way to tighten vagina naturally? Actually, there are some natural methods. Today, many people are trying oils and creams sold with fake claims. Those products don't work!

Many men lose their self confidence when they fail to achieve firm erections. In the same way, some women do feel awkward if they are unable to keep things 'tight' down there.

Firstly, there is nothing to feel bad about if the 'tightness' isn't there. Many women think that looseness is a result of lots of sex. But no! That's a myth!

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One reason could be childbirth. The walls expand during the labour. But there are many other factors like weak pelvic muscles, age, obesity, stress and strain etc. behind the lack of tightness. Are you wondering how to tighten vagina after delivery? Here are some simple ways to tighten vagina naturally.


Kegel Exercises

Kegel exercises are exercises that involve clenching the pelvic muscles and releasing them. They can strengthen the muscles around the privates.

These exercises tighten vagina naturally and they can be done daily, that too, anywhere. How to do them? Simply tighten your pelvic floor muscles for 5 seconds and release the grip for 5 seconds. Do 10-20 repetitions.

When you wish to stop urination forcibly, you tend to tighten your muscles around your private parts, right? In the same way, you just need to tighten your muscles down there.



Exercise is good for your muscles. And squats are surely favourable for your pelvic muscles. Yes, they could help in tightening your vaginal muscles. They strengthen the muscles and regain their elasticity.



There are certain yoga postures that help in strengthening the pelvic muscles. Yoga also helps you control your pelvic muscles through systematic contraction and expansion methods.

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When you are able to tighten your pelvic muscles at will, you can enjoy your love life better. Bridge pose and child pose in yoga are best for you.



A herbal remedy is Curcuma Comosa. This herb belongs to the family of ginger. It is a medicinal plant that is packed with anti-inflammatory agents. It can also strengthen your pelvic muscles.


Eat Healthy Foods

Eat foods that contain phytoestrogens. Some examples are carrots, pomegranates, sesame seeds, soybeans, fenugreek etc. Try to include them in your regular diet. The nutrients in them can help in keeping your lower areas firm.

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Pueraria Mirifica

This plant is said to restore estrogen levels. It contains phytoestrogens like deoxymiroestrol and miroestrol. But this herbal ingredient may also have side effects. Therefore, never try it without having a word with your doctor.


Vaginal Cone

These cones are medical devices mainly used as a prop while performing various types of pelvic muscle exercises. Generally, women suffering from urinary incontinence, use them.

The workout involves inserting the cone inside and and trying to hold it for sometime to strengthen the muscle. Consult a lady doctor to learn more about how to use the cones.

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