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10 Things That You Need To Start/Stop Doing To Avoid Bad Breath

By Sravia Sivaram
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Dental hygiene is very important when it comes to avoiding bad breath. But even after your daily dental clean up, if you still experience bad breath, then you might be doing something wrong.

It can be any one of your daily habits or something else in your daily procedure that you're totally doing wrong.

More than 80 million people suffer from chronic halitosis or bad breath. In most of the cases, it originates from the gums and tissues.

Bad breath is a common condition and there are several ways to prevent it. Following these tips that we have listed here will help you fight bad breath better and also keep your mouth or oral cavity healthy on a daily basis.

Read further to know how to avoid bad breath.


1. Drink Plenty Of Water:

A good amount of water stimulates your salivary flow and helps to avoid dehydration, which is the most common reason for halitosis.


2. Don't Drink Too Much Of Coffee:

Too much of caffeine can slow down the saliva production and dry out your mouth. This can eventually lead to breath odour. It is better to drink a cup of tea instead.


3. Clean Your Dentures:

Caring for your dentures is equally important as that of your teeth. Practising the same hygiene is necessary. Clean them every night to prevent the bacterial build-up in the teeth.


4. Floss After Every Meal:

Any food particle that stays between your teeth can lead to bad odour. The bacteria from the food can go deep below the gum line and may not only lead to bad breath but also an infection. This is one of the tips that will let you know how to avoid bad breath.


5. Change Your Toothbrush Every Two Months:

An old toothbrush will only help in adding more bacteria to the mouth. Hence, changing your toothbrush regularly is essential.


6. Never Neglect Your Tongue:

Remember to clean your tongue with a tongue scraper after you brush your teeth in the morning. Cleaning up your tongue has been shown to reduce odour by about 70%.


7. Go For An Alcohol-free Mouthwash:

Most of the mouthwashes contain about 27% of alcohol in them. It is known to dry out your mouth and create that unpleasant smell. You must check the label thoroughly before buying to see if alcohol is not listed.


8. Avoid Sugar Mints:

Sugar is added to the mints that we take after a meal. This helps the bacteria grow further in the mouth. It might also make your bad breath condition worsen once the gum or mint is gone.


9. Be Aware Of Your Medication:

Medications like antidepressants, painkillers and antihistamines can suppress the saliva flow and can be one of the reasons for chronic dry mouth. This is one of the tips that will let you know how to avoid bad breath.


10. Check For Tonsil Stones:

Tonsil stones are a mixture of debris and bacteria that sit in the back of your throat. They look like white spots and smell really nasty.

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