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7 Surprising Things That Could Ruin Your Hearing Ability!

During your younger days, your parents would have asked you to stop listening to too much loud music as that habit could potentially harm your hearing, right?

Well, when we are younger (sometimes even when we are adults), we may indulge in certain habits that can affect our health very negatively.

There are many such seemingly innocent habits that we may practice regularly, sometime even on a daily basis, which may put our health at risk.

For example, some people who are unaware the eating too much salty foods can cause high blood pressure continue to do so and suffer later on.

Watching computer and other visual gadgets for hours together can harm our eye sight.

Similarly, there are certain habits which can affect our ability to hear well.

Hearing is one of the most important sensory functions of the body and without it a person's entire life could change!

So, here are a few unusual things that can affect a person's ability to hear.


1. Diabetes

This metabolic disorder can create a number of negative symptoms when it affects a person, including reducing hearing, as it affect the blood cells in the auditory nerves.


2. Blow Dryers

Yes! A research study has found that using a blow dryer whose noise level is more that 85 decibels can also impair your hearing to some extent.


3. Loud Music

Usually people in the music industry, who constant have to use high-range auditory gadgets, attend loud music concerts, etc, may experience hearing impairment early on.


4. Clogged Ear Wax

When you do not clear the wax build-up in your ear on a regular basis, the thick build-up can muffle your hearing to a great extent.


5. Medicines

Taking certain medications such as strong antibiotics and medicines given during chemotherapy can also cause hearing impairment as a side-effect.


6. High Fever

Due to the inflammation caused in various part of the body, sometimes including the ear during high fever, people can experience mild hearing impairment.


7. Traffic

If you are someone who is living in a metro city with heavy traffic and constantly hear the honks and vehicle noises, then your hearing could get impaired.

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Story first published: Friday, March 31, 2017, 11:30 [IST]
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