Symptoms Of Cervical Cancer That Women Need To Observe

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Cervical cancer does not cause many noticeable symptoms during the early stages. It usually occurs when the abnormal cells present in the cervix grow out of control.

The cervix is present at the lower part of the uterus and it opens into the vagina. This article will give an insight into the top symptoms of cervical cancer that you need to be aware of.

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Cervical cancer symptoms are not often recognised, but when detected early, it can be treated successfully. It is often caused by a virus called human papillomavirus or HPV. HPV is often transmitted by the means of sexual contact with an infected person.

Some of the most common forms of cervical cancer symptoms and signs will be in the form of genital warts. But, certain other symptoms of cervical cancer are often difficult to be recognised.

Many people out there might get infected with HPV at some point of time. In some cases, the infection may heal. If it doesn't heal, it will lead to cervical cancer. If you have been wondering what do the cervical cancer symptoms seem like, then all you need to do is read further.

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Continue reading in order to know the different symptoms of cervical cancer.


1. Unusual Discharge:

This is one of the most common and prominent symptoms of cervical cancer. When the disease starts to develop inside the cervix, the cells present in the uterine divide and they also start to release a watery substance.


2. Warts:

The development of warts is actually an indicator of HPV infection and it increases the risk of contracting cervical cancer in women.


3. Pain Or Bleeding:

You may find cervical growth at the cervix's dividers and sometimes, this may dry and start splitting. This may cause irritation and bleeding. If you notice blood stains when you're not on your periods, then consult a doctor immediately.


4. Anaemia:

Regular feeling of exhaustiveness, even when you eat properly, or rapid pacing of the heart or paleness of the skin can be some of the symptoms of cervical cancer. This is mainly due to anomalous bleeding.


5. Urinary Problems:

When the cervix swells up, the bladder and kidneys will get packed and this will deter the entry of urine. You may also end up not being able to urinate during the worst cases, resulting in urinary tract contamination.


6. Leg/Hip/Back Pain:

A swollen cervix may also lead to the compression of inner organs. Veins will get compacted due to this, making it difficult for the blood to reach the pelvis and legs.


7. Weight Loss:

Some of the symptoms of cervical cancer can actually curb our usual appetite. Swollen cervix may also compress the stomach, leading to a decrease in our appetite and subsequently weight loss.


8. Pain During Intercourse:

You might experience an unusual pain during an intercourse and this is due to the abnormal changes that are happening to the cervix.


9. Bone Fractures:

Advanced stages of cervical cancer may also lead to bone fractures and thereby make the bones more brittle.

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