Subtle Signs Of Cervical Cancer In Women

In the case of cervical cancers, the first sign of this disease isn't an odd pain or unusual sensation.

The truth is, at the early stages there are no symptoms. The recommended way to check for signs of cervical cancer is by undergoing the PAP test.

It is also recommended that all women must start undergoing regular PAP smear tests from the age of 21 years and above.

Further, if you're not noticing any symptoms, then the cancer maybe fairly advanced.

signs of cervical cancer

A cure is still possible at this stage, but it's a lot more complex. That cure usually involves radiation or chemotherapy and the outcomes are less to an extent.

Hence, identifying and providing timely treatment for this disease is important to avoid any possible consequences that would turn out to be aggravating.

To make matters easier for you, we have listed out some of the subtle signs of cervical cancer that you need to know of in order to diagnose the condition and get the right treatment at the right time.

So, read further to know more about the warning signs of cervical cancer, which you must be aware of and also make sure to go in for regular PAP smear tests.

1. Abnormal Bleeding:

Unusual vaginal bleeding is linked to cervical cancer. This could be bleeding after an intercourse or in between periods. Bleeding that is heavier than normal or bleeding after menopause is also a sign of cervical cancer. This is one of the first signs of cervical cancer.

2. Pelvic Pain:

Apart from abnormal bleeding, pelvic pain is also one of the biggest signs of cervical cancer. The pain could be diffuse or it could show up in the area of your pelvis. It could also range from a sharp pain to a dull ache. If the pain is new and not related to your menstrual cycle, then you need to get it checked. This is one of the signs of cervical cancer.

3. Strange Discharge:

A cloudy, foul-smelling discharge is also a potential red flag for cervical cancer. But there are many causes of vaginal discharge that are not related to cancer. There is no reason to be apprehensive about it and you need to just talk it out with your doctor. This is one of the signs and symptoms of cervical cancer.

4. Fatigue:

Cervical cancer is also one of the many health issues that can make you feel fatigued or sluggish. This isn't the first symptom but is definitely one of the symptoms.

5. Changes In The Bowel Movements:

Peeing often or the feeling to always urinate is a symptom that is associated with this disease. You will also notice persistent changes in the quality of your stools. Experiencing these on a persistent basis is what you need to be careful of. This is one of the top warning signs of cervical cancer.

6. Pain During Sex:

Pain during sex is often a symptom of cervical cancer. Hence, you need to be cautious if you experience pain during an intercourse.

Main Risk Factor Of Cervical Cancer:

Smokers or former smokers could double their risk of this disease. This is according to a study that was published in the International Journal Of Cancer.

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    Story first published: Thursday, September 7, 2017, 12:18 [IST]
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