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Stop Following These First Aid Myths As They Can Damage Your Health Big Time!

By Sravia Sivaram

In the case of an emergency, the first thing that we do is to listen to the advice of our friends and family.

But did you know not all these first aid methods might be correct. Sometimes even the most well known recommendations can lead to grave consequences.

When going for something as important as this, it is important that you find out the credibility of the information that you read.

It is also mandatory to look up for credible sites that provide authentic information.

There are some common first aid mistakes that we have been doing all our lives!

Its high time that we got rid of these as following them can only aggravate our condition.

In this article we have listed some of the first aid myths and mistakes that you need to steer clear of. Read further to know about the common first aid mistakes that you must avoid.


1. Applying Ice To A Bruise:

Yes, it is true that ice helps reduce bruises, but applying them directly can give you a cold bruise. You need to put a cloth between your skin and the ice.


2. Rubbing A Person With Fever With Alcohol Or Vinegar:

Vinegar and alcohol are well absorbed into the blood. Alcohol rubbing can create intoxication and vinegar can raise the acidity too much. This is considered very dangerous for children.


3. Lifting Up An Unconscious Person:

If someone faints, you must not try lifting them up or sprinkle water on them as it can lead to cold spasms. What you need to do is to lift the person's leg up, unbutton any tight clothing and don't let them stand immediately after reviving. This is one of the top first aid myths and mistakes.


4. Using Butter or Sour Cream To Treat Burns:

This is not recommended as the butter or sour cream dries and creates a film, thus disrupting the thermal exchange. What you need to is to show the burnt area under cold water for 15 minutes. This is one of the first aid myths that can damage your health.


5. Setting A Bone On Your Own:

You should never set a dislocated joint on your own as it may only result in additional injuries. What you need to do is to immobilize the injured limb and go to the hospital immediately.


6. Applying Warmth To A Sprain:

A warm cloth is not going to help if your muscles are sprained. The heat will only strengthen the blood flow and can lead to more severe swelling. This is one of the most common first aid mistakes.


7. Making Yourself Vomit In Case Of Poisoning:

The most recommended thing to do in case of poisoning is to make yourself vomit. But this should never be done if your poisoned with acid, alkali or other caustic substances. You need to go to the hospital immediately in this case.


8. Dealing Wit A Foreign Object In The Eye:

The first reaction in this case is to rub your eyes, which will result in injuries. What you need to do is to keep winking your eyes several times, this will induce tears which will bring out the foreign obhec

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