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Common STDs That Can Actually Kill You!

We all know that eating a lot of yummy cake can be bad for health, as it can cause certain disorders like diabetes and weight gain, right?

Similarly, sex, an enjoyable act that gives immense pleasure, can also pose the threat of deadly disorders, when people do not practice safety.

Now, it is true that sexual intercourse, apart from helping procreation, also has other health benefits, like stress relief, strengthening the bond between the partners, treating depression, etc.

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However, when people do not ensure that they take certain safety measures, the act of sex can have fatal consequences, as the chances of infection spreading from an infected partner, is extremely high, because there is an exchange of bodily fluids during sex.

So, to avoid certain infections, which can have disastrous consequences, people must use condoms while having sex, especially if it is with multiple partners.

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In addition, one must also get tested regularly to detect sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), in the early stages.

Here are 7 common STDs that can lead to death, when not treated at the right time.


1. Syphilis

An STD caused by bacterial infection, syphilis causes symptoms like pain and soreness in the genitals, ulcers, swollen lymph nodes, fever, etc., and when left untreated, it could lead to organ failure and death.


2. Gonorrhoea

This is another caused by bacteria, which can lead to pain during urination, abnormal discharge, fever, etc. If not treat at the right time, it can break down the immune system, causing death.



Caused by the fatal HIV virus, AIDS is an STD that has no cure and this disease attacks the immune system, making your body prone to all kinds of infections, eventually causing death.


4. HPV

Human papllioma virus (HPV), is another STD caused by virus, that lead to warts in the mouth and genital area, fever, pain in the groin, etc. and this disease can also be fatal when not treated.


5. Hepatitis B

This STD is caused by virus and it can seriously harm the tissues of the liver, when not treated for a long time, resulting in liver failure and death.

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6. Herpes

Yet another STD caused by viral infection, herpes is a disease which also causes warts in the mouth and genital area, fever, sore throat, etc., and when left untreated, it lowers your immunity, exposing you to other fatal diseases.


7. Trichomoniasis

A bacterial infection that affects females, caused by sex with an infected person, trichomoniasis is an STD that causes vaginal itching, pain, smelly discharge, etc., and it can also up the chances of uterine cancer, thus increasing the possibility of death too!

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