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Are You Spitting Blood? Read This!!

Any of us would first panic when we see blood in the spit. But there could be so many reasons behind it. Some of them could be serious whereas some could be minor issues.

Sometimes, a simple reason like using a hard toothbrush could also make you bleed inside the mouth and spit blood. In such a case, the problem would be solved in a day or two when the cut heals itself.

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But some causes could be deadly. Blood in saliva is known as Stomatorrhagia. The blood could be from your nose, airways, throat, gums or any other surrounding tissue that's bleeding. Only a doctor can identify the origin. Read on...


Fact #1

Soon after you vomit, if you observe blood in your saliva, it could be from the stomach or esophagus. If you are coughing and spitting blood, it could be from the throat, lungs or airways.


Fact #2

When you have symptoms like vomiting, coughing, foul breath, bleeding gums, bad taste in the mouth, breathing issues, mouth sores and such problems along with blood in saliva, you must immediately visit a doctor.

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Fact #3

Some infections could also cause this problem. Viral infections, bacterial infections or even yeast infections do cause bleeding. Gingivitis, sores in the mouth or tongue or cheek can cause bleeding.


Fact #4

Even sinus issues, infection of the throat, stomach infection, bronchitis, tuberculosis and other infections of airways and lungs could also make you spit blood.

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Fact #5

Some types of cancers can also cause the bleeding. If you smoke or chew tobacco or betel nut, the risk of developing oral cancer can be high. Blood in the spit can be due to leukemia, lymphoma, throat cancer or mouth cancer too.


Fact #6

Ingested or inhaled toxic substances could also cause the bleeding.

If you have consumed a poisonous substance or a caustic substance, bleeding could occur. Some kind of narcotics also cause blood in the spit.


Fact #7

Even deficiency of vitamin C could cause bleeding in the mouth. Using any medicine or a substance that thins your blood could also be a reason. Even radiation therapy could cause it.

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It is better to visit a doctor to figure out the exact reason behind blood in saliva.

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