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Indian Spices To Detoxify & Cleanse Your Body

By Sruthy Susan Ullas

A spice cabinet in an Indian kitchen is a mini medical store by itself. When you suffer from minor ailments, you would find your grandma reach out to several jars kept in her kitchen shelf. They are all an integral part of many home remedies that have proved themselves useful since ages.

One such vital role many of them play is to detoxify the body. This means, to get the accumulated toxins out of the body. The toxins can be anything harmful -- ranging from artificial preservatives to chemicals.

A human body has the ability to cleanse itself. The excretory system plays the key role in this. Skin, lungs, liver, kidney and large intestine are all important organs in this process that are required to flush the harmful substances out of the system.

Several spices, some of them are listed below, help in maintaining these organs in good health. They aid digestion and help in excretion of the waste products. Some of them have anti-oxidant properties and can eradicate free radicals as well.

They can be made a part of our daily diet with ease. Many of the spices go well with sweet and savoury dishes. You can sprinkle them while you cook, make beverages or even chew them whole as in the case of fennel seeds.

Detoxification methods are mainly used in alternative medicine. However, adding these spices in our menu in food quantity calls for no diet plan or therapy. It is a handy home remedy with zero side effects.

Read on to know how these spices work.



Turmeric is known to enhance liver function. Thus, the body's detoxification ability gets a boost. Do not forget to add a pinch of turmeric powder to your curries.



Ginger's magic lies in aiding digestion, the crucial link in the body's detoxifying strategy. It helps in detoxification by enhancing the body's natural cleansing process. Relish a cup of piping hot ginger tea every morning.



Black cumin seed oil is believed to help liver, the organ that is responsible in filtering waste, hormones, drugs and other harmful substances. Also, cumin helps in digestion and gives relief from constipation and bloating.



This valuable spice is good for the bladder, kidney and liver - organs that are associated with eliminating waste from the body. It also helps the spleen, a blood filter.



Cardamom is rich in anti-oxidants. A great source of manganese, it can produce enzymes that remove free radicals from the body. It is also used in home remedies for better digestion and in maintaing healthy kidneys.


Fennel Seeds:

A rich source of dietary fibre, fennel can help ease constipation problems by adding bulk to the food. 100 gm of seeds contain 39.8 gm of fibre. The natural process of digestion and cleansing is enhanced with the help of fennel.



Cinnamon is a powerful anti-oxidant. The spice, along with honey, is part of many home remedies that intends to detoxify.



Cloves help in better digestion as it promotes the secretion of digestion enzymes. It can also increase intestinal motility by alleviating constipation.

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Story first published: Friday, June 23, 2017, 14:30 [IST]
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