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New Way To Manage Diabetes To Be Out Soon

By Staff

Diabetes is one of the leading lifestyle diseases affecting millions of people. Making things worse, the numbers are further increasing and young adults are among the worst affected.

However, taking certain precautionary measures help in managing diabetes effectively. A new study shows that stimulating the body's electrical network can help to treat the condition, so diabetics may soon be able to manage the disease with a smartphone.

The research indicates that data available on a wide range of nerve stimulating procedures - from ancient traditional acupuncture and the more modern electroacupuncture, to neuromodulation, a procedure that involves implanting electrical devices to relieve chronic pain, pelvic disorders - can be advantageous for treating inflammatory disorders like arthritis and deadly infections like sepsis.

As per the study, researchers said that nerve stimulation provides therapeutic benefits in treating colitis, diabetes, obesity, pancreatitis, paralysis, and life threatening infections.

"Our bodies are a lot like rooms in a house. In order to see when you enter a darkened room, you need electricity to turn on the lights," said Luis Ulloa, from the Rutgers University in the US.

Bioelectronic medicine, a new and more advanced version of electroacupuncture, is aiming to treat chronic diseases with electrical signals in the body by using miniature implantable devices to make sure organs function properly.

According to Ulloa, scientists need to do compare the data from all these nerve-stimulating procedures to the recent studies done in experimental and animal models.

The study was recently published in the journal Trends in Molecular Medicine.

Also taking care of the foods that you eat is very important in controlling diabetes. Here are a few foods that help in maintaining the blood sugar level. Take a look.

1. Bitter Gourd:

Bitter gourd is one of the best food to prevent diabetes. The hypoglycemic substance contained in bitter gourd helps to bring down the blood sugar and urine sugar levels. In order to control the blood sugar level, bitter gourd is best consumed in the form of juice early in the morning.

2. Turmeric:

Turmeric contains an important ingredient called curcumin which is known for its anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. These ingredients helps in fighting the illness and boost the immune system. In addition to this, turmeric is also known for its anti-glycemic properties which will help in controlling the blood sugar level. Adding turmeric in your regular food or having it as supplement in the form of tea helps.

3. Fenugreek:

Fenugreek is yet another food item which helps in controlling the blood sugar level. Rich in fibre content, fenugreek helps better digestion and regulates the absorption of carbohydrates and sugars in the body. Fenugreek helps in decreasing the absorption of glucose from your diet and influences the release of insulin, which is the natural way of lowering the blood sugar level.

4. Cinnamon:

Cinnamon helps in carrying more glucose to cells for their breakdown into energy. Hence, in the process the cells converts sugar into energy more efficiently and helps in controlling the amount of sugar level in the blood. Consuming a teaspoon of cinnamon on a regular basis helps in preventing diabetes.

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Story first published: Monday, November 27, 2017, 23:00 [IST]
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