Dangerous Signs Your Headache Is Not Normal!

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If you are someone who has been suffering from constant headaches, then you must definitely not take this symptom lightly, as it can be an indication of certain dangerous health complications.

Headaches can be one of the worst types of body aches and can make a person feel drained out instantly!

Sometimes, people experiencing a severe form of headache will not even be able to keep their eyes open and will not be able to function normally, thus hampering their daily activities. 

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Headaches can occur due to various reasons and, sometimes, their cause cannot be determined at all.

A headache can be a symptom of common cold, flu, sinusitis, fatigue, lack of proper nutrition, stress, spending too much time in front of a computer, depression, hypertension, etc.

Taking painkillers to get rid of a bad headache, every time you experience one, can prove to be very unhealthy and can cause negative side effects.

Here are a few signs that indicate your headache may be something more complicated.


1. ‘Thunderclap’ Headache

If you are experiencing shooting headaches, that last for minutes and you feel like there is a thunderclap in your head, it could be a sign of minor brain hemorrhage!


2. Pain Fluctuations

If the intensity of your headaches keep fluctuating and they do not remain constant, then, it could mean that you have a migraine or brain aneurism.


3. Pain Behind The Eyes

If you are having a lot of pain around and being your eyes especially, it could be an indication of glaucoma or sinusitis.


4. Pain At The Temples

If your headache is concentrated more at the temples, then, it could be an indication of heart ailments, especially if you are over the age of 50.


5. Headaches In The Mornings

If your headache is more prevalent early in the mornings, it could be an indication of acute sinusitis, as the nasal cavities get inflamed at nights, resulting in headaches in the morning.


6. Stroke

If you have been exercising constant, faint headache for over a month, associated with dizziness, you could be at the risk of developing a stroke.

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Story first published: Monday, March 13, 2017, 13:30 [IST]
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