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Signs Of Unhealthy Vagina That You Should Be Aware Of

By Sravia Sivaram

Vaginal health is equally important as that of the health of other organs in the body. Vaginal health is especially important for the overall well-being of women.

A healthy vagina is known to produce a discharge, through which it takes off all the bacteria and dead cells along with it.

This keeps the vagina infection-free and safe. Discharges are also known to lubricate the vagina and prevent dryness.

But, an unhealthy vagina can affect the libido and fertility. Prolonged vaginal distress can lead to vaginal yeast infections such as genital and vulvovaginal candidiasis.

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Any minor infection, if not treated on time, can aggravate the health problem. It is crucial to consult the gynaecologist if you notice any of the first symptoms of an unhealthy vagina, which are as listed below.

In this article, we have listed the top signs which show that the vagina is unhealthy. So, continue reading to find them out.


1. Dryness:

One of the first signs of an unhealthy vagina is dryness. A few common causes of dryness include anxiety, medication, hormonal changes and irritants.


2. Burning And Itching:

Constant burning and itching can be an indicator of a number of infections in the vagina, which can affect even sexual health.


3. Discolouration And Excessive Discharge:

Vaginal discharge can be considered as normal if it is white in colour and doesn't emit any bad odour. If you suffer from red or brown colour discharge along with a foul odour on a normal day, then medical attention is necessary.


4. Bleeding During Or After Sexual Intercourse:

This is a serious problem and requires immediate medical attention. This can indicate vaginal tear, infection, dryness or STDs. This is one of the top signs that the vagina is unhealthy.


5. Blisters Or Bumps:

A bump on the outer vagina can indicate vulvar or vaginal cancer. A cancerous bump can start as a small mole that can change in texture or colour. This is one of the top signs of an unhealthy vagina.


6. Smelly Discharge:

Recurrent strong odour can be a symptom of infection. An excess of harmful bacteria can cause bacterial vaginosis.


7. Abnormal Bleeding:

If you get bleeding between periods, then you have to be highly cautious. Menstrual period that lasts abnormally long is also a cause for concern.


8. Vaginal Atrophy:

If the vagina gets dry and inflamed, then the body creates less oestrogen. This condition is called vaginal atrophy.


9. Painful Urination:

This is linked to urinary tract infections and is also a major sign of bacterial vaginosis or yeast infection, which shows that the vagina is unhealthy.

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