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Should Fruits Be Eaten On An Empty Stomach? Read To Find Out

By Sravia Sivaram

As per our thought, eating fruits just mean, cutting it and popping it into our mouths. It's not as you think it is. It is important that you know how and when to eat these fruits and also the correct way of eating these.

So, have you ever thought what is the correct way of eating fruits?

Well, eating fruits after your meals is strictly not recommended. Fruits must be eaten on an empty stomach!

Eating fruits on an empty stomach helps in detoxifying the system, supplying the body with energy and also aids with weight loss and other activities.

Fruit is a very important part of your diet. Consuming it after having other foods is not advisable. Imagine you eat a fruit after eating two slices of bread, this is highly not advised.

The fruit is ready to go through the stomach into the intestines. But this is prevented if you eat bread before having the fruit.

In the meantime, the whole meal of the bread and fruit rots and ferments and turns acidic. When the fruit comes in contact with the food in the stomach and digestive juices, then the entire mass of food begins to spoil.

Hence, it is always recommended to eat fruits on an empty stomach only and it is considered as the best time to eat fruits. Otherwise, right after eating fruits you might feel like burping, running to the washroom, or suffer from a bloated feeling.

These conditions can be prevented if you eat fruits on an empty stomach. When eaten with other foods, the putrefying effect of other foods takes place and this inturn leads to the production of gas. Hence, this can lead to the bloated feeling one can face.

Some of the best fruits that you can go for are listed below. You can eat these fruits on an empty stomach and relish their health benefits. Take a look.


1. Kiwi:

This fruit is a good source of potassium, magnesium, vitamin E and fibre. The vitamin C content of this fruit is twice as that of an orange.


2. Apple:

Apple is rich in antioxidants and flavonoids and helps in lowering the risk of colon cancer, heart attack and stroke. Hence, apple turns out to be the most sought-after fruit to be consumed on an empty stomach.


3. Strawberry:

Strawberries have the highest amount of antioxidants and protects the body from cancer-causing agents, prevents clogging of blood vessels and removes free radicals.


4. Orange:

Taking 2-4 oranges a day on an empty stomach helps to keep the cold away, lowers cholesterol levels, prevents and dissolves kidney stones and also lessens the risk of colon cancer.


5. Watermelon:

It comprises of 92% water and contains glutathione that helps boost the immune system. It is also a good source of lycopene that is a cancer-fighting antioxidant. The other nutrients found in watermelon are vitamin C and potassium.


6. Guava & Papaya:

These contain high amounts of vitamin C. Guava is rich in fibre and prevents constipation. Papaya is rich in carotene, which is considered good for the eye.

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