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Secrets About White Flour That Will Shock You

By Sravia Sivaram

Did you know that our food supply is killing us slowly? Did you know that bleached white food is unfit to be considered as human food?

Yes, this is because, nowadays, flour is being made with wheat that is treated with fungicides, pesticides and insecticides right from the seedling to the storage stage.

White flour has a number of downsides and negative effects on your health. White flour usually consists of less nutrients and highly refined carbohydrates.

White flour is actually wheat flour that is stripped off its two main components, which are the bran and germ. The bran contains the fibre that is found in the whole grain.

Further, research also shows that folic acid that is commonly added to white flour can have a harmful impact on breast health.

In this article, we'll let you know why is white flour bad for your health. Read on.


1. Bleached Flour Has No Nutrients:

During the manufacture of white flour, the bran is firstly removed. Then, the germ which contains about 76% of vitamins and minerals is also removed. Further, 97% of dietary fibre, 50% of calcium and 70% of phosphorous is also lost in the refining process.


2. Potassium Bromate That Is Added:

During the final stage of the manufacture of white flour, potassium bromate is added to it. This is known to be a powerful oxidizer that damages the cells. Bromate is also considered as a category 2B carcinogen that has been banned in most of the developed countries.


3. It Is A Natural Insecticide:

If any insect attempts to consume white flour, it dies instantly. This is because white flour is a natural insecticide and kills any insect that eats it.


4. It Contains L-cysteine:

This is a non-essential amino acid that is added to baked goods like pizza doughs, cookies, pastas and fast food buns. The cheaper production method of L-cysteine includes synthesizing it from duck or chicken feathers, human hair, cow horns and petroleum byproducts.


5. Contains Diabetes-causing Contaminants:

It contains alloxan that has several harmful effects on the body. It destroys the beta-cells of the pancreas and is also toxic for the body. It is also known to be a diabetes-causing contaminant.

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Story first published: Tuesday, April 11, 2017, 18:32 [IST]
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