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These Are The Shocking Risk Factors Of Hepatitis!

Posted By: Chandana Rao

It is a fact that as humans, we give our health a lot of importance, right? Because without good health, it could be impossible to lead a good life!

For us to remain healthy for a longer time and prevent or treat certain diseases we need to first gain awareness about certain diseases, how they affect us, their symptoms, etc.

Without being aware of the kind of diseases that affect us, we may not be able to detect the symptoms or get treated in time, making the condition worse!

So, it is very essential that each one of us makes an effort to know more about our own body and how different diseases can affect us.

Now, we know that the human body consists of certain vital organs, which need to function well, if we want to stay healthy.

hepatitis risk factors

Heart, liver, brain, lungs and the kidneys are the vital organs in a human body. Even if a small amount of damage is done to these organs, a person could lose his/her life!

Just like there are ailments that affect the other vital organs, there is a disease which affects the liver in particular - hepatitis.

Liver is an organ located in the upper right region of your abdomen and some of its main functions include bile production to aid digestion, filtering toxins from the body, breaking down of carbohydrates and proteins, etc.

Hepatitis is an inflammatory disease which affects the tissues of the liver. Hepatitis is most commonly caused by viral infection; however, it can also be caused by alcohol abuse, autoimmune effects and also due to the side effects of medications and toxins.

hepatitis risk factors

There are 5 types of viral hepatitis, namely, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, hepatitis D and hepatitis E. These types can be infectious.

And 2 other types of hepatitis, which are, autoimmune hepatitis and alcohol/toxin related hepatitis. These 2 types of hepatitis are not infectious.

Now, as the World Hepatitis Day is just around, let us look at some of the risk factors of the various types of hepatitis, here.

1. Hepatitis A: 
The risk factors of hepatitis A include travelling or working at regions with high rates of hepatitis A, being HIV positive, haemophilia, using of illegal drugs, oral/anal sex with an infected person, living with an infected person, etc.

2. Hepatitis B: 
A person could be at the risk of getting hepatitis B when he/she has sexual contact with an infected person, sharing needles while using illegal drugs, anal sex, working with infected blood samples, living with a person infected by HBV, etc.

hepatitis risk factors

3. Hepatitis C:
The risk factors of hepatitis C include working with infected blood, being HIV positive, long-term haemodialysis treatment, sharing needles during tattooing, etc.

4. Hepatitis D: 
The risk factors of hepatitis D are direct contact with an infected person, sexual intercourse with an infected person and it can also spread from an infected mother to a newborn.

5. Hepatitis E:
One can get hepatitis E, if you consume undercooked meat of infected animals, infected blood transfusion, etc.

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Story first published: Tuesday, July 25, 2017, 19:30 [IST]
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