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Weird Remedy For Restless Leg Syndrome! Put A Soap Below Bed Sheet And See!

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When you have restless leg syndrome, sleeping peaceful becomes a very big challenge. Tossing and turning on the bed throughout the night will severely disturb your sleep.

Currently, there is no cure which can permanently eliminate the problem. There are some folk remedies for this which can be tried at home.

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A person suffering from this issue may experience an intense urge to move the legs when he or she is trying to sleep. Some even experience cramps in the legs at midnight. This disorder may also affect arms, head and various other areas of the body. There is a weird home remedy for this disorder.


Fact #1

Firstly, what's RLS? When the nervous system experiences disturbances and disruptions, legs tend to become restless. This is a neurological disorder. It causes pain and aches in the legs due to the restlessness.


Fact #2

Most of the symptoms show up when a person tries to sleep. It spoils the quality of sleep. Some people even feel as if something is crawling over the legs. It creates an itching sensation too.

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You just need a soap bar to try this. Buy a new bath soap. Choose something that doesn't have any strong smell or perfume in it.


How To

Place the soap below your bed sheet and sleep. Let it stay there for several days. After a few days, take the soap out and scratch the outermost layer with a knife and put it back. Sleep daily with the soap under your bed sheet.

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Does It Work?

Is there any scientific evidence to back this remedy? No! But still, you can try it as it is an inexpensive remedy that has no side effects.


How Does It Work?

How is it supposed to work? Well, many people who have tried this remedy believe that the soap releases certain ions that provide relief.

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Is It Due To Lavender?

The link between soap bars and reduced leg cramps in the night is still a mystery. But many people agree that it works. Some believe that the smell of lavender emitting from the soap relaxes the system.

Story first published: Wednesday, April 19, 2017, 15:45 [IST]
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