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Folk Remedies For Snake Bite


In case of a snake bite, the person should immediately be rushed to the nearest hospital. Though all snakes bite, only a few of them are poisonous and life threatening.

The venom of some snakes like cobra impacts the nervous system whereas the venom of other snakes like viper impacts the blood stream.

If a venomous snake bites, an anti-venom serum must be immediately given. Therefore, going to a hospital is a must. Also, the victim of the bite should be kept calm. If the person panics, the venom spreads in the body fast as panic increases heart rate.

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Here are some folk remedies for snake bites. But always rush the victim to a hospital. Remedies may help by saving the person's life till medical help is offered.


Activated Charcoal

Apply activated charcoal (damp) on the area of the snake bite. Tie it to the skin. Also, consume a couple of teaspoons of activated charcoal (damp).

These steps should be taken soon after the bite. Activated charcoal is generally used to treat poisoning and overdose of certain drugs.

This method helps as first-aid. Activated charcoal protects the blood cells by absorbing the poison.



Marigold contains antioxidants known as flavonoids which offer protection from chemicals. It can reduce irritation and helps in speedy recovery.

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Mongoose Plant

Mongoose plant, is grown in south India. In many villages, this herb is used to treat snake bites (vipers)

This plant is considered as an antidote. It contains chemicals that neutralise the snake venom.


Oil Of Oregano

Rinse the skin soon after the snake bite. Apply this oil on the area of the snake bite. It helps in drawing the venom out and disinfecting the wound.

Don't use any essential oil directly. Add carrier oil to it before using.

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Curry Leaves

In some villages, a soup prepared from curry leaves is used to treat snakebites. The porridge is said to remove the venom.


Lavender Essential Oil

This oil is a disinfectant. It can temporarily help by slowing down the venom's effect till the person is rushed to a hospital and offered medical help.

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Bentonite Clay

Make a paste by adding some echinacea powder and bentonite clay and some water. Apply the paste over the snake bite. Bentonite clay does a good job in flushing out toxins from your body. This clay can also be consumed, but you need to drink lots of water to flush it out.

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