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Reasons To Stop Taking Hot Showers


There are advantages of both hot showers and cold showers. But still, if you want to choose only one out of them, then choose cold showers especially if you are a male. Yes, for men cold showers are healthy anytime.

Actually, cave men never got a chance to bath with hot water. They enjoyed better fertility, strength and immunity.

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If you are still arguing with others about hot water then read on to know why you must give up hot showers and enjoy cold showers.


Fact #1

In men, hot showers could affect fertility. Hot water can damage sperm cells. Men who take cold showers can again enjoy a slight increase in sperm count. Sperm cells cannot survive heat.


Reason #2

A study revealed that bathing with hot water in extremely cold climate is risky to the heart. It could raise the risk of cardiac arrest too!

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Reason #3

Hot water rips off the moisture in the skin and makes it look, dry, scaly, cracked and damaged.


Reason #4

Many studies claim that cold showers boost immunity. On the other hand, hot water could be dangerous especially after alcohol or intoxication. Some substances alter blood pressure and heart rate. A hot shower can worsen the effects of such substances.

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Reason #5

Hot showers could cause a sudden change in the blood pressure. Heat could cause vasodilation. So, your heart needs to work harder to pump blood. This might cause inconvenience to people with cardiovascular issues.


Reason #6

In some people, hot showers could also cause dizziness. This is because of the changes that could occur to the blood pressure levels.

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Reason #7

Due to the changes that occur to the circulatory system, some people even suffer nausea when they soak in a bath tub with hot water. It is advisable not to go for a bath after eating. It could cause vomiting too.

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