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What Happens When You Don't Clean Your Tongue?

Brush your teeth twice a day for good oral health!! This is something that we all hear right from our childhood.

Now, being a mom, we repeat the same to our kids. But, we are not more focused on keeping our tongue healthy.

Take a minute to think what happens when you don't clean your tongue regularly. Experts recommend to clean tongue while cleaning your teeth, to make your oral health complete.

Leaving your tongue uncleaned can lead to many health issues that we usually overlook.

Cleaning your tongue is very important for keeping the overall oral well-being.

It is more important if you are pregnant or if you have a low immunity. Bacteria will grow on uncleaned tongue and will end up in producing many problems, ranging from minor issues like bad breath to serious concerns like infections.

You don't have to spend hours to practice good oral health. Spending 5 minutes a day is worth for our overall health.

You can get a tongue cleaner or a tongue brush to clean your tongue. Whether it is to prevent bad breath or to keep good oral hygiene, it is very crucial.

Let us see what happens when you don't clean your tongue regularly.


1. Halitosis (Bad Breath)

Halitosis is nothing, but the most annoying thing that will make you embarrassed. Yes, it is the bad breath! If you have bad breath, revise your routine and include tongue care in it. Cleaning your tongue will avoid growth of bacteria that produce foul smell.


2. Gum Diseases

Leaving your tongue uncleaned can not only cause tongue-related health issues, but also problems like gum diseases. Bacterial infections from the tongue can affect the gums as well. This will cause red, swollen and bleeding gums.


3. Tooth Loss

Sounds weird, right? But, it's true that if you are not cleaning your tongue, chances are more that your gums will get infected. This can lead to severe problems like tooth loss.


4. Dull Taste Buds

Are you feeling that you are not getting the real taste of what you are eating? If you are not cleaning your tongue, this can gradually mask your taste buds. This is due to dead skin, bacteria or fungal infections.


5. Colour Change

Have you noticed a white patch on your tongue? If so, take a look on your oral care routine. Fungal infections can occur that will be presented as a white covering on the tongue.


6. Yeast Infections

Fungal infection is more likely to happen if you are not cleaning your tongue regularly and properly. In medical terms, this is called oral thrust. This is what happens when you don't clean your tongue regularly.


7. Black Hairy Tongue

Probably, this is the ultimate or extreme stage of unclean tongue. If you are not cleaning your tongue for a long time, it can result in giving you a black hairy tongue. There will not be any hair on the tongue, but the fizzy look gives this name.


8. Spoil Your Look

No matter how dedicated you are in following the latest fashion trend, an unclean tongue or a bad breath is more than enough to spoil everything. It is true that silly things matter the most, when it's all about being yourself.

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Story first published: Sunday, May 7, 2017, 8:00 [IST]
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