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Didn’t Sleep Well Last Night? Here Are 10 Things That Disturbed Your Sleep


Sleep is what rejuvenates you and refreshes you. Sleep is what repairs you and helps you start a new day with energy levels. When sleep quality wanes, everything else in life becomes a mess.

So, did you sleep properly last night? If you failed to fall asleep on time or had bad sleep cycles, that too, without bad habits like smoking or drinking then you need to reflect on a few questions.

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What are those questions? Well, they are factors that disturb sleep. Here are they.


Did You Drink Water Before Going To Bed?

Drinking any liquid just before going to bed could wake you up during midnight. The urge to pass urine can disturb sleep.


Did You Take Naps In The Afternoon?

Though short naps during the day are good, if you nap for long, it could make it tough to fall asleep in the night. Also, your mind must be tired enough to fall asleep in the night. Plan your day accordingly.

Do Intense Exercises Kill Sleep?


Did You Use The Mobile Till Mid Night?

Electronic gadgets and the light they emit could spoil your sleep quality. Refrain from using mobile before going to sleep.


Didn't You Switch Off All Lights?

Sometimes, even a zero watt bed light could also make it tough to fall asleep. Try switching it off tonight.


When Did You Dust Your Mattress?

The dust and the dust mites on your bed and pillows could spoil your sleep and also make it tough to breathe. Do you know that your mattress contains billions of dust mites? Get it vacuum-cleaned.

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Is Your Bed Sheet Clean?

You need to use clean bed sheets. Your bed sheets need a wash every alternate day as they carry dust mites, dead skin cells and hair. Falling asleep on a dusty bed sheet is tough.


Did You Have Dinner Just Before Sleeping?

Eating and sleep immediately could cause acid reflux and bloating. It isn't good for digestion.

Never Eat These Foods Before Sleeping


Did You Workout Before Sleep?

There should be at least 3 hours of gap between exercise and sleep. Otherwise, you may feel hyper active and find it difficult to fall asleep.


Did You Have Cold Feet?

Wear socks to bed if you have cold feet. This practice keeps your feet warm and comfortable.


Did You Have Coffee In The Evening?

Caffeine after 3PM in the evening could affect that night's sleep. Stay away from it at least during the second half of the day.

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