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10 Reasons Your Butt Itches Like Crazy All the Time

An itching butt can be embarrassing.

But did you know that it is actually a sign that something more sinister is going on down there?

Let's find out.


#1 Fungal Infection

Skin infections are usually caused like fungi, which love to grow in warm and moist places. And these tend to spread fast throughout your body. Especially the dark nether regions of your groin and butt crack.

So if your butt has weird rashes all over it and has been itching like crazy for quite sometime, then it is definitely a sign that you have an infection down there.


#2 Threadworms

These parasitic worms are as small as the head of a pin, and just as long (that's why they are also called pinworms).

And they love to grow inside your large intestine and rectum.

In fact, the females only exit your body when they have to lay their eggs (which they lay around your butt hole). And it's these eggs that cause your butt to itch, which is how they end up under your fingernails, and then make their way to your stomach through your food.

So if everyone in your family is complaining of an itchy butt, don't waste time. Go, see a doctor. You all might have a case of worm infestation.

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#3 Eczema or Psoriasis

Autoimmune skin diseases like eczema and psoriasis affect large areas of the body, including the butt. And they both make your skin itch like crazy!

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#4 Hemorrhoids or Piles

An itchy butt is a common symptom of piles and hemorrhoids because they make it difficult to maintain your hygiene.

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#5 Constipation

On the other side of the spectrum, constipation can also cause a lot of itching in your butt and cheeks because it often leads to piles and fissures.


#6 Pilonidal Sinus

Sometimes loose pubic hair can prick the soft skin between your butt cheeks and form a sinus (hole). And if this gets infected (which is very painful), it causes a lot of itching in the area.

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#7 Bad Anal Hygiene

Fecal matter is the perfect feast for bacteria and fungi. So if you don't wash your butt properly after a poop-session, or have a weak anal sphincter (the butt hole), your butt will definitely itch like crazy.


#8 Using Too Much Toilet Paper or Wipes

Toilet paper are often impregnated with alcohol, chemicals, and perfume, to help you keep your butt clean. But if you overdo their use, you will end up abrading the soft skin between your butt cheeks, which will cause itching and burning in that area.


#9 Too Much Use of Soap and Water

Similar to the point above, excessive use of soap and water to keep your butt and cheeks clean will dry up the area and make it sensitive (which will in turn make it itch badly!).


#10 Eating Spicy Food

Spicy food makes our butt burn when we poop the next morning. And since the skin of this region is very sensitive, this is often followed by a severe case of itching.

So if you consume spicy food every day, an itching butt shouldn't surprise you.

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